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Dear Reader,

     Time fades into time, til the end is the beginning of a vast frontier, pushing always ahead of us, further and further, til one day, we wake up alive forever in the eternal now.

Introducing two of my characters
Elida King Hoeg & Jane Seaman

     These two historic portraits show a glimpse of the real people populating my novel. Elida is a poor Mi'kmaw girl and Jane is her rich mistress. but there's some things you would never know from their Sunday Best. 

Did you know that Elida was a great tap-dancer known for her plucky spirit? That Jane gardened exotic plants from all over the world and raised eleven children?   

I wonder what other secrets these two ladies are keeping behind those smiles?  

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Writing Mugs for the Win

I drink coffee practically every time I write. So it is a necessity to purchase or procure mugs that enable my habit of writing under the influence of caffeine.  

"Bookstores. Cats. Life is Sweet." "Write Your Own Story"
Sometimes all you need is a good book and a cup of tea (coffee :)

     Writers love to geek out about pets, coffee, and beautiful writing accessories, and the Vinegar Hill Writing and Reading Companions are no exception. Check out Selina's dog Scout and Sarah's mad #bookstagram skills!

Selina @selinacajolaisauthor
Sarah @s.e.r._writes
Recommended Read ...and a Challenge

The Art of Spiritual Writing

This book challenged me to become a mature artist and believer to create authentic spiritual writing. It argues that a block in your faith can be helped with art, and a block with your art can be helped by your faith.  Faith and art can nourish each other.

Challenge: Go outside for a walk and take time to observe the landscapes around you. Write something--a poem, a gratitude list, a paragraph, a prayer--that reflects the beauty of God you see in creation.  Watch God enrich your faith in the unseen using your senses.

Story Spotlight:

Elida's Sanctuary

Elida feels closest to Father God in his airy house--the Cathedral of Sky, surrounded by pillars of pine. 

Here is a sneak peek at her safest of places. This journal entry by Elida is after an embarrassing incident at church.


Squirrels don't.

Don't what?

Tell you to stop holding white babies.
Look at you odd when they see your skin.
It was two weeks ago,
But still I can’t stop thinking
Of Little Her

Squirrels don’t say anything
Which is the beauty
Of having them
As creatures in your congregation.

I have a Sanctuary
In the forest behind the fields and Mr. Brown‘s cottage
I garden there, collect bits of things
Every day I can spare
Like this glorious Thursday afternoon

But mostly I go there to praise
The Father of all creatures
To the drumbeat of my heart
My songs warbling
Up the pillars of pines
To the cathedral of blue sky
Among the chatter of squirrels

So unlike the chatter of women
With Sunday hats and hard hearts
And the hypocrisy of Pharisees.

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lauraalieseIt can feel like nothing right is happening. But God can create something out of nothing—only He can. I encourage you to give him the hard things in your life, and watch Him grow beautiful things in your soul. Only He can turn around the dark night of the soul (and soil) #somethingfromnothing #rosesgrow
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Something From Nothing is the working title of my novel.  I've seen God take the nothings of my life and create beauty from them, and that's why I'm writing this book. My hope and prayer for our world this spring is that God will grow beautiful things from hard things--like only He can.

       My June 2020 newsletter is scheduled for arrival on the first of the month. 'Til then, take care and stay safe!

In word and in life,
In word and in life,
Laura Aliese Miedema

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