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Death Angel is available NOW, exclusively at Amazon!

Death’s plan for revenge is derailed by his lust for one of the Creator’s angels.

Being second to Michael has never sat well with Allerio. Feeling slighted, he travels beyond the heavens, meeting a creature who informs him of his Father’s secrets. With curiosities niggling him, he challenges his god, seeking freedom from stringent rules. Though the prize might look wonderful on the surface, it comes with a heavy price the angel will bear for eternity. 

Death’s banishment was only the beginning of his descent. Since then, he’s concocted a scheme to overthrow the highest being, proving him to be a liar. Although confident his plot will succeed, he convinces one of High’s top helpers to assist him. However, Death never intended for feelings of affection to consume him. Suddenly wrecking God’s perfection isn’t as important anymore. 

Two gods join forces and become bonded in more ways than one. Can they overcome their emotions to achieve their ultimate goal? 

Death’s Angel is the prequel story to Immortals, chronicling the very beginning of Lucifer’s ascent as the god of the third and fourth planes. This story involves male pregnancy and mating. 

Warning: On page violence, extreme torture, and death. Look inside for further triggers. 

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Link - http://bit.ly/2Ig8OxU

Love Voodoo is LIVE!

Love Voodoo is live at Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited!

Can a cocky internet star and a humble Southern boy come together—with a little help from a love potion—in the spookiest city in America?

Burned out and in need of a vacation, online sensation Cayden is drawn to New Orleans, with its rich history and paranormal lore. A cynic and a pessimist, Cayden nonetheless hopes to experience some of the legendary city’s magic.

Trent grew up on the streets and wouldn’t have survived without the kindness of the local community. Now he’s embraced his eccentricities in a place that appreciates them. He works at a voodoo shop and guides ghost tours for extra cash, but he also volunteers at the local LGBT youth center, helping lost souls find their way.

When Cayden and Trent lock eyes across the shop, something happens… and it isn’t just Cayden’s flirtation or the mutual attraction drawing them together. It’s something even a skeptic like Cayden agrees is a little unearthly… and could lead to something extraordinary.

Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited or buy for $3.99

Link - https://amzn.to/2x7wIXa

Both Vale Valley Books are Up for Pre-Order

Michael and BL aka Brooklyn's books are up for pre-order!

Unforgettable Faith

Father Joseph deadened himself to love, but Diego refuses to give up on romancing the ornery priest. 

After Joseph spent part of his life running from captivity, he found solace in church. The only thing stopping him from true serenity is reassembling the broken pieces of his past. Fragments that cause him mental anguish and bring him to his knees. 

Diego’s travels lead him to Vale Valley to pitch a product, but when he prepares to leave, his wanton desire forces him to stay put. Despite not knowing what or why, Diego surrenders to his instincts. 

Wolves and tigers aren’t supposed to be buddies, so why is the attraction between them irresistible? Will they remain together regardless of issues that could tear them apart?

Unforgettable Faith is book thirteen of the popular multi-author series, Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone who needs love and a home. This is a story of chosen mates and forbidden love between two species not meant for each other. 

WARNING: The book includes knotting, sex under the altar, more fun with rosary beads, sappy romance, casual drug use, flashbacks of violence, and near death. 

Release day 8/11 

Read for free or buy for $3.99

Link - http://bit.ly/2I8ugpF


Blind Faith

Liane dreads failing her parents, but the boss of Beyond the Veil is too hard to resist. 

Liane aspires to become a nun. Throughout her childhood, she attended Catholic school hoping to quickly reach her goal. Although she secretly wants to lose her virginity to a woman, Liane stays chaste. Wouldn’t want to bring shame on her strictly religious parents. 

When it comes to relationships, Myra’s track record leaves a lot to be desired. Being the boss of a popular tattoo shop, she’s seen many people she found attractive. Myra hasn’t allowed the countless carousel of partners to bother her. With no desire for children, who needs a firm commitment? 

While Myra attends church, she and Liane lock eyes from across the aisle. Despite not wanting anyone long term, Myra is determined to make the shy omega nun her partner for life.

Blind Faith is book fourteen of the popular multi-author series, Vale Valley, a small town open to everyone who needs love and a home. This is an omegaverse lesbian romance with FPreg, knotting, and heat.

Release day 8/13

Read for free or buy for $3.99

Link - http://bit.ly/2Zsc7Ja


I haven't done a contest in a while so why not?

The first person to email me the correct answer at srlmort71@gmail.com wins a copy of Death's Angel!

Lucifer and Death make appearances in another book in Immortals. Which one?

A: Demon Be Mine

B: Calisto's Quest

C: I Like Em Pretty

D: Mercurio's Mating

I'll be giving away more. Check Michael's Promo schedule to find out how. 

Michael's is now Michael & BL's and has MOVED!

This is the last update for this group. I swear.

Anyway, FB recently made changes, so I had to change with it. My old group might've gotten me booted, and since I don't want that, I deleted the old one and used my ARc group for the new one. 

This is for all my muses, so that means, Michael, Michael's vampire alter ego, RM Durand, BLMorticia, Brooklyn Roberts FF BL's alter ego and Veronica Bagby MF.

If you do Facebook, please come join us!

Michael & BL Muses

Special Delivery MPreg ARC Group

Since I've deleted my ARC group, I'll now offer all ARCs here.

Read Advanced Reader's Copies from Giovanna Reaves, L.M. Brown, Michael Mandrake, and M.M. Wilde!

Must be willing to put up reviews within 2 weeks, review at least one book per author, and post on Amazon and or Goodreads. 

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New and upcoming releases from friends!

Click on the covers below to purchase these fabulous books!

Justice Prevails by Morticia Knight

Up for pre-order! Release day is July 2nd!

Never judge a sexy man by his cover…

Beau is deadly serious when it comes to his job as a homicide detective for the LVMPD. He also has a taste for the finer things in life, but no time to enjoy much of anything with such a heavy caseload—especially now that a serial killer is terrorizing the streets of Las Vegas.

Investigative Technician Austin never met a snarky joke he didn’t like—or a set of stairs that couldn’t trip him up. One night after a devastating episode at work, Austin sees something else he likes—the handsome detective he’s spotted around the station. But after he makes a drunken fool of himself in front of Detective Williams, Austin is sure he’s destroyed any hope of ever going out with Beau on a real date.

Beau and Austin’s worlds collide when Austin is sent to pick up some evidence at the station. Amidst a myriad of twists and turns in the troubling serial killer-style murders of Vegas conventioneers, Austin and Beau discover there’s more to the other than they’d originally thought. There might even be more they’d love to share—unless the killer has the final say.

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of violence and peril.

Publisher's note: This book has previously been released under the same title. It has been revised and expanded for rerelease.


Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2weMSxy
Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2JWWHZ8
Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/2HRBAF2
Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/2YGgdgu
Amazon DE: https://amzn.to/2HASWXx
B&N: http://bit.ly/2JBOfiv
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2HObzGw
Pride Publishing: https://www.pride-publishing.com/book/justice-prevails

Destiny and Dragons

Read for FREE with KU or buy for $1.99!

Destiny & Dragons: A Gay Fairy Tale by L.M. Brown
(Gay Ever After – Book 3)
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Falling for the dragon wasn’t part of the plan.

When Lord Marcus set out on his quest, it seemed a simple enough task to accomplish. Slay the dragon and rescue the princess, securing his father’s approval and earning his happily ever after—only the princess is a witch and the dragon is nowhere to be seen. Instead he finds a young man who has a very big secret and is in far greater need of rescuing. 

Marcus’s well planned quest might have taken an unexpected turn, but his happy ending could still be within his grasp, if he can earn the trust of a dragon who has been betrayed and hurt by everyone he has ever known.


Amazon: http://mybook.to/DestinyandDragons

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