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7GA Personal Climate Action Center Action of the Week!

There is so much work to do to heal our planet that it can feel overwhelming to determine where to start. That’s why 7GA launched our Personal Climate Action Center: Action of the Week

Each week we provide one action item for YOU to reduce your carbon emissions. We also share the amount of emissions that you save by taking the action, and we track your overall reductions for you.

Week 6: Action of the Week
Unplug Your Electronics When Not in Use.
(Even they can use a break!)

Let’s face it—there is a good chance you (and your family) is more “plugged in” than ever these days. Many adults are still working from home; many kids are still on virtual learning; it’s getting darker earlier; the weather is colder. We all need to do what we need to do, but when you do turn off your electronics for the day, take an extra step by unplugging them as well.

Even when electronics are turned off items like cell phone chargers, cable boxes, toys, toasters, and computers keep using energy. In fact, by committing to unplug your electronics it is estimated that you can save 1,000 pounds of CO2 per year. That’s like saving 50 gallons of gas!

A simple tip is to use a power strip—that way you can turn off more devices at once instead of having to unplug each one individually. Check out this piece from to learn more about the potential money you can save as well.

Ready to take action? 
We will track your emissions for you and send you regular reports.

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At 7th Generation Advisors we are diligently working with scientists, policymakers, activists and clean tech companies to create a clean energy economy for all, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to protect all living things seven generations into the future.
We care about the future of our planet. Will you join us?

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