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From the upcoming series about Julia Wang
A new series has been seeded

I trust you have enjoyed the summer holidays, even there may be winter where you live. There might have been some clouds both literally and figuratively. But guess what? I have been writing! And reading.

The character, Julia from the Luci Cane series has asked that we write a new series after this one is finished with book six (currently writing on book four, page 72). She wants to add more information, but this time from the standpoint of a soul full integrated in a human body. She suggests the series to be named The Adventures of Julia Wand. From her suggestions, I estimate the series to span over four books. I thought the series would start after the current one has been completed, but Julia has asked to seed the story by making some initial paragraphs. I share some of it here.

The Adventures of Julia Wand

Hello, I am the consciousness or the soul of the human in this story who will bear the name Julia Wang.

I start the story before I am born into this life, telling what happened before my incarnation.

As I prepare the incarnation as Julia Wang, I consulted the souls whom I have selected as my parents to find out how they felt about the arrangement. There will also be other souls involved.

When souls of pure consciousness communicate, it happens outside time and space. This means, that even a long conversation happens in an instant. In that sense, our conversation will be over before it even began, but still contain the fulness as if it has been a human conversation. Well, with even much more fulness. I have made up the conversation that follows, because the 3D earthly life has no words to match how souls interact.

The souls of my parents-to-be are already incarnated as Lucia Cane, called Luzi and Ju-long Wang. Because they are already connected to Earth, I have chosen the ethereal brother to Earth, Theos as our meeting place. There will be more about Theos later.

First, very short about the two people. They were both born and grew up on Hong Kong Island in China and attended the same elementary school. When Luzi was 18, she, her younger sister and parents moved to England, her dad being British and her mother Chinese. Now Luzi lives in a luxurious apartment in London working and studying at the university and does some freelance writing. Ju-long stayed in Hong Kong, now having a job in a library and working with computer programming and teaches it as well. He lives with his mother and her parents in a small apartment. Luzi and Ju-long are both about 26 years old.

I meet the two on Theos in a huge grassy clearing surrounded by trees. Later, they will know this place as Elvendale. I present myself and my purpose and then I dim the surroundings and brings up a huge movie theatre screen lying flat on the ground. You may imagine it being a large swimming pool with an equally large monitor instead of water. Here I show them clips of the most possible future of the two adults if they agree to be Julia’s parents. I show them how they will meet again in Hong Kong, fall in love and Ju-long moving to London. I show them how we will meet in an ethereal garden for the first time, giving them, as humans a glimpse of how I may look like as a young woman.

I sense their excitement that raises further, when clips of baby Julia shows up. I choose a scene where they walk across a field with baby Julia in her pushchair and a female fox approaches them and interacted with Julia. I show them a scene where Julia ask for a kitten and how the two become inseparable.

Now their excitement shows in constantly YES, YES, YES’, and with great impatience to get the plan on tracks. I fell the same, I must admit. I have other clips of Julia’s life as it progresses, but we are too excited to focus on them.

So, this is our agreement and we start the energies to gather for the life of Julia to happen. I am mostly the conductor, even the dynamics kind of happens on their own.

The Adventures of Luzi Cane
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