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Raskrinkavanje, 1.11.2020
Sophie Petronin did not send a letter to the President of France, nor did she write a text that is shared on social media

There is an alleged letter that the French humanitarian activist Sophie Petronin wrote to President Emmanuel Macron, after she was converted to Islam and rescued from Mali. This fictional letter was posted on numerous Facebook accounts as well as on several news portals such as Faktor, Slobodna Bosna, Islam press, Bosna press, Preporod, Bošnjaci, Saff, Svjetlo dunjaluka, Info KS, Avaz, Sandzak live, FACE, Hayat, Religis, Novi Horizonti, INS, USK vijesti, Centralna, Balkan Sahar TV.
Specifically, the wholly fabricated letter was published in local languages on 25 portals and 30 Facebook pages, with just under 8,000 interactions. The falsehood that Petronin sent a letter to the President of France was originally posted on Arab-language Facebook pages.

Raskrinkavanje, 30.10.2020
Statistics as inspiration for clickbait: Croats did not “flee” to Serbia

Statistical data on the number of people who emigrated from Croatia during 2019 are presented on several anonymous portals as a “panic-stricken flight” of Croats to Serbia, whose reasons “nobody knows”. The fact is that citizens of Croatia did emigrate to Serbia, the total of 1.672 of them in 2017. But, with this headline it is fake news that seeks to increase the number of visits to these websites. Such articles were published on some websites such as Žena portal, Info news24h, Atraktivno, Zdravlje svaki dan, Nezavisni portal, Balkanika News, Dobar dan, Sve za vas, Otprilike novo i Alternativa. several times during the month of October, with hundreds of interactions on Facebook. A total of 11 media outlets published this fake news.

Raskrinkavanje, 29.10.2020
The genesis of fake news that Paul Pogba is leaving the French national team

After the British tabloid The Sun published false reports that Paul Pogba, a French national football team member, was leaving the team due to the comments of the President of that country on Islamic terrorism, the story reappeared on numerous Bosnian news portals. It was also published on news portals in Serbia and Montenegro. The fake news that Pogba is leaving the French national team was published by 35 media outlets in local languages. The correct information is that The Sun fabricated the story; Pogba denied the allegations that he was leaving the national team.

Raskrinkavanje, 21.10.2020
Unverified “intelligence documents” as media “sources” for stories about Dodik’s assassination

An article published on website claiming that “Wahhabis planned the assassination of Dodik, Vučić and Vulin”, was circulated by twenty media outlets despite the absence of evidence support the allegation. This disinformation about the alleged assassination of the officials of Serbia and the Republika Srpska is based only on unsubstantiated reports from the website. The sole “evidence” the RS portal offered was that they had access to intelligence reports, without any details about documents or the agencies that purportedly produced them. Contacting numerous security agencies in BiH and Serbia, Raskrinkavanje did not receive any confirmation as to the existence of such a document.

Raskrinkavanje, 17.10.2020
BiH presidency was not „unanimously against Kosovo recognition“

The Republika Srpska News Agency (SRNA) published a claim that the three members of the BiH Presidency voted unanimously against recognizing Kosovo's independence. Some media outlets also reported that the Presidency “made a decision not to recognize Kosovo.” The transcript of the Bosnian Presidency’s session reveals that none of these claims are true. The false claim that the BiH Presidency voted unanimously against the recognition of Kosovo was published by 77 media outlets including SRNA, Bljesak, Alo, Oslobođenje, Večernji list, Politika, Pogled, Dnevno, Studio B, Kurir, Nacional online, Srbija danas, Novosti, RTRS.

Raskrinkavanje, 15.09.2020
Dževad Galijašević's broad „expertise“: From terrorism to a pandemic

Speaking on the Balkan Info channel show, Dževad Galijasević, introduced as an “expert on security and the fight against terrorism”, made a series false claims about the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which he described as a “terrorist concept.” He incorrectly claimed that there are no COVID-19 patients in Belarus. Galijašević also made a number of incorrect assertions about the work of the Raskrinkavanje and several other media outlets such as BIRN, Detektor, Istinomer, Raskrikavanje, Monitor and Faktograf in the region. The YouTube channel Balkan Info with Galijašević’s interview reached 168, 587 views as of 23.11.2020.


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