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Welcome to the Right Track of Safety!

Why is safety important in Railway? Did you know that signalling engineers face multiple issues while designing railway signalling systems? Len Railway Systems (LRS) was established in 2012 as a subsidiary of Len Industri (Persero), a state-owned company, under the coordination of the Ministry of SOEs in Indonesia involved in technology-based Rail solutions. We would like to share with you key insights into our LRS- HIMA collaboration which spans over 20 plus projects, 100 over stations and 800 plus kilometres of train lines.

In this presentation, we'll highlight the need for a signalling system and the innate safety and assurance paths of a Commercial- Off- The Shelf solution that'll definitely bring you a whole new perspective to Rail Safety lifecycle designs.

HIMA is proud to journey with you on the Right Track of Safety and we will be dishing out a series of webinars and Rail safety related resources. All you need to do is to join us today at the link below! Be part of the Rail Safety community today!

Contribution of PT Len Railway Systems and HIMA in Indonesian Railway Signalling
Director of Technology and Operations Len Railway Systems (LRS)
Ir. Rustandi

Sign up now and Answer your burning questions today in our live webinar session " Contribution of PT Len Railway Systems and HIMA in Indonesian Railway Signalling " which will be held on Thursday, November 26th, at 11 am (SGT).

An interlocking system can use HIMA as a microprocessor which controls signalling equipments both indoor and outdoor to make safe train operation according to signalling principles. This presentation will explain the milestones of the company using HIMA as a microprocessor and the portfolio of projects that we have done. Our development in interlocking technology will be explained also. so Sign up now to learn more!

We've invited a very experienced speaker from the Rail solutions industry, Ir. Rustandi, Director of Technology and Operations.

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