Newsletters are a tactic more and more marketers start to use. We're finally aware that it just makes sense to invest in email. There's high ROI, and you're not dependent on the next algorithm change or the updates in a social platform.

But which part of the newsletter do you focus on?

Most creators instinctively understand the "news" part. Few focus on the "letter" part.

And this is actually where the meat to your newsletter potatoes is.

Ann Handley says it best: “If your brand is to thrive, you’ve got to show your face. Show up. As a person. As an individual.”

This is the reason why editorial pieces and regular columns are a focus for newspapers and magazines.

It's the reason why people have favorite newsletter authors and support them through SubStack.

It's all about personality and relationships.

And here are some personal observations. I started adding an editorial section to this newsletter in late 2019 and fully committed to it at the start of 2020. I got 159 responses since the start of 2020. I got 17 responses to my newsletter before that. Ever. Since 2017.

I hope you don't need other proof that the "letter" part of "newsletter" is the way to create a stronger relationship with your audience.

Be editorial,

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