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Presidio School Monthly Newsletter - August 2020
Message from the Principal - August 2020

As a parent, I want to extend my sincerest appreciation to the faculty and staff of Presidio School. My "bonus boys" (my husband's children) are enrolled in a school in Gilbert, AZ and we (along with the boys' mom) are in the process of discussing the best course of action for our bonus boys’ education now that their school has tentatively decided to open for in-person learning as of September 8, 2020. We have been provided with 2 options - in-person learning or virtual learning through Florida Virtual, a self-paced, online learning platform that appears to be similar to Primavera. Neither option is preferable, in my opinion, because we are either sacrificing their health or their education. Long story short, I am incredibly proud of the distance learning program Presidio has developed and implemented. While it might have been a rocky start, Presidio has developed learning opportunities that will suit all types of learners (on-site support services, hybrid, and distance learning). We have not strayed from our initial plans for reopening; only modified them based on information from the state and local public health agencies, ADE, and the Governor’s office. I realize that combining on-site support services and distance learning has its challenges, but I have spent time in the classrooms and have witnessed both teachers and students grasping technological concepts more quickly, more easily navigating the Canvas LMS, and coming together to work through the challenges that accompany distance learning, social distancing, and pandemic-related challenges. I have found that the #PresidioFamily is handling those challenges with grace, patience, and grit; some even a sense of humor. So, as a parent, Presidio leader, and Presidio learner, thank you. Thank you for perseverance in the face of adversity. Thank you for your struggle. Thank you for learning and growing through this process and thank you for being part of the #PresidioFamily!

Happy August!

Jessica Montierth Puls, Principal

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Important Dates
September 7th - Labor Day No School
September 8th-11th - Academic Intervention Plan Meetings
September 11th - September All School Flag Ceremony
October 2nd - End of Term 1
True Blue Hair For Mrs. MP

It's time to cast your vote! It's a new school year and our Principal, Mrs. Montierth Puls, is ready for you to help her decide on what style of blue hair she should have for our Character Counts pillar of the month - Trustworthiness! Please vote for your favorite blue look for Mrs. MP. Voting closes this Friday (9/4) night at 5pm so Mrs. MP can "share her hair" during our September Virtual All-School Flag Ceremony.

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Mitigation Strategies In Action

Presidio welcomed students in need of on-site support services onto campus on August 17, 2020.  With on-site support services comes mitigation strategies.  Presidio faculty and staff worked diligently during the school closure to develop and implement mitigation strategies that provide the safety and security our #PresidioFamily needs, while providing productive learning environments.  

Handheld Electrostatic Sprayers

Our Electrostatic sprayers are used in high traffic areas, such as our Cafeteria and bathrooms.  The EcoLab machine is lightweight and portable, allowing for Presidio staff to quickly and effectively disinfect and sanitize areas within minutes.  The chemicals are safe to use around food products and electronics and cover even the hard to reach areas.  Although our students are not using the Cafeteria in the same manner as they did in previous years, we do serve our meals from the Cafeteria.  Ms. Michelle, our National School Lunch Program assistant, uses the Electrostatic sprayer between meals. 

Grab and Go Meals

Presidio is proud to announce that Mr. Joe Roos, Family and Community Programs Manager, and SFG Catering have partnered once again to bring healthy and nutritious meals to Presidio's students through the Grab and Go meal program. Grab and go meals are designed for our students participating in the distance learning program off campus. Meals are available from 3:45-5:15 Monday-Friday on the 1695 campus. Grab and Go meals align with the Arizona Department of Education and the USDA National School Lunch Program's meal requirements, as well as with Presidio's school meal calendar, and come with reheating instructions.

Outdoor Learning Areas

Our students are doing an excellent job of keeping their masks on during the day; however, we understand that they (especially our younger students) need mask breaks. This is why Presidio created outdoor learning areas, such as our Cuisine Court and Sunshine Structure (featured below). These areas provide students with the opportunity to socially distance themselves, in an outdoor setting, while being able to take mask breaks. Our Cuisine Court included misters for a more temperature-controlled environment while our younger students eat. A huge thank you to Rivas Construction Company for donating some of their time to put up both the Cuisine Court and Participation Patio structures!

Plexiglass Partitions

Students in kindergarten through second grade have plexiglass partitions at their desks to provide additional safety because we understand that our younger students have a more difficult time keeping the masks on their faces.  Our teachers have found innovative ways of making the plexiglass partitions useful and fun for our students.  We can't change what is happening outside, but we can create a safe and fun learning environment that engages the students and gives them some sense of normalcy.

Remote Instruction while Providing On-site Support Services

Presidio's faculty and staff are doing it all! Not only are they providing quality remote instruction, educating students and parents on all things Canvas, and modifying their lessons to a digital format, but they are also navigating two classrooms at once - the virtual classroom and the on-site support services classroom. "How are they doing all of this?" you might ask. The simple answer is pure grit, dedication to the #PresidioFamily, and the desire to see our students succeed. Our faculty and staff are working tirelessly to ensure that all members of the Presidio Family receive the support needed to navigate this challenging time. Our teachers in particular have not only had to modify the delivery of their instruction, but have had to basically learn how to be web designers in order to ensure that their lessons and activities are posted on Canvas. While the technology is easier for some than it is for others, it is still a change that requires instruction, patience, and perseverance, particularly because we are continuing to hold our students to Presidio's high academic standards. In addition, we have those who are doing all of this while on campus, supervising our students receiving on-site support services.

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