Our journey through NomadMania November is in full swing, and we're still buzzing from the unforgettable NomadMania Travel 2023 Awards.

The event which was hosted in a transformed bunker was a celebration of unyielding spirit and unity - you can watch the awards ceremony here and also make sure to check out the nominee winners.

For a more detailed accountread the full review on our blog.

NomadMania Travel Awards 2024

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that the next year NomadMania Travel Awards will be held at the Extraordinary Travel Festival in Bangkok.

This event will be hosted by our friend Ric Gazarian, the host of the Counting Countries Podcast. The festival runs from November 15–17, 2024.

So, make sure to grab your tickets now here. Hope to see you there :-)

New Interview: Frank Britton

Step into the world of Frank Britton, a dedicated NomadManian whose travel experiences span both the map and the heart.  Dive into our latest interview where he shares his travels' intimate and transformative moments.

Q: In your travels, have you ever found yourself moved to tears by what you saw?

A: "Twice in my travel life I have been moved to tears. The first time was in Tsavo National Park...a herd of animals...walking towards the sunset...and I could just feel the tears trickling down my face."

Read the full interview with Frank here on our blog 

Busy Week for NomadMania 

We're thrilled to announce that this week NomadMania will be proudly representing our community at WebSummit 2023 in Lisbon (Nov 13-16) and on Off The Beaten Track Fest in Budapest (Nov 18-19).

Our managing partner, Orest Zub, is going to make a short presentation about NomadMania at WebSummit on Thursday (Nov 16th) at 11:00 during the Future of Travel & Hospitality session. We are also going to have a small stand at the Expo section. So, you are welcome to visit us if you're around Lisbon.

In Budapest, Orest will share practical information about visiting Ukraine during a war at the largest travel festival in Hungary - JaratlanUtakon.hu.

Follow our journey on our social media platforms for live updates and exciting insights from both events.

New DARE Additions 

New week, new DARE Discoveries! We are currently on 1316 places :-)

Mount Kumgang Biosphere Reserve, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Our DARE additions this week are:

Eastern Asia: Trek the scenic slopes of Mount Kumgang Tourist Zone, North Korea.
Western Asia: Scout around a crude oil terminal in Halul Island, the easternmost point of Qatar.
Southern Africa: Venture to the untouched northern extremes of Malawi in Kameme.
Southern North America: Navigate to Pierce County, the geographical centre of North America, in North Dakota.
Central America: Discover the coastal charm of Puerto Castilla peninsula, Honduras.


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