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Dear Reader,

     Warmer weather makes the heart long for the Eternal Spring in our home country. There the light ever shines and the river ever flows. The soul like a songbird will fly to its home in the shelter of His throne.   

Introducing my new writing happy place

    My husband James gifted me his desktop computer. Now I can write in style! 

        I also began recording my writing hours and output in a detailed spreadsheet, starting in April. This way I can celebrate the victories, or pivot if I see a negative habit. 

        Every Sunday I tally up my work for the week, and do a check-in with myself and God. I ask the questions, "Did I uphold my writing values this week?" and "Do I need to pivot?" Lastly, and importantly, I take a moment and pray for you, The Reader. You are on my heart, and I pray God will show Himself to you in His own way through my words.

      "Inner Room" is a helpful app I use in these weekly check-ins. You can create "prayer playlists" and "prayer boards" which feature a picture and description for each prayer item. When I want to pray for the Vinegar Hill Writing and Reading Companions, for instance, it shows the beautiful faces of Selina and Sarah, reads out the prayer request (Lord, please let us get our writing done!). It has built in time set aside time to listen to God after praying, and gives phone reminders to pray at the times you select.   

Find more information about the Inner Room app
12,228 words and 71.5 hours in April 8,029 words and 50.5 hours in May

Celebrate with me my highest months yet! 

(I bet the quarantine had something to do with it!) 

The look Smoakie gets when he's determined is the same look I have!
The difference is he's intent on tuna not to-do's.

View my Instagram post on teaching Smoakie to read :)
Challenging Read ...and a Challenge

Braving the Wilderness

Sometimes it's good to read books that challenge you. You may not agree with everything said, but you grow in deeper understanding of your thoughts and another perspective.

Braving the Wilderness looks at stories and research on modern belonging. Brene Brown is authentic and honest---and fun to listen to in the audiobook version.  

Challenge: Think about the book's quote from Dr. Maya Angelou: 

"You are only free when you realize you belong no place--you belong every place--no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great." 

Hit reply to this email and let me know your reaction to this quote. Is it comforting?  Challenging? Misguided? On-point?  Why?

Click to read more reviews of "Braving the Wilderness" on Goodreads
Story Spotlight:

Elida grows fond of the estate grounds at Grindstone Castle, Jane's mansion. Elida names the biggest elm tree Mossy one morning at her first tea with Jane, a precarious event to say the least. This is a real picture of Mossy, taken at the historic site of Jane's home. 


Words written on a handkerchief


Remember, Elida!

If only your mind functioned like that.

You have an afternoon tea, in clothes of some fanfare, at 3pm sharp.

Don't mention Momma.

Don't talk to God in front of the woman.

Don't make the motions for supposed muteness and sit happy as a Digby clam.

Whatever you do, speak reverently and favorably, with the intonations of a psalm.

Mrs. Jane Seaman waits, and she knows a cockroach when she sees one.


I've been waiting

At the tea table

Under the party tree

And honey sunshine

For what must be

Ten delectable minutes

All they have given me is an

An empty place mat

And this paper napkin

And I am simply writing

Whatever comes to mind


I'll call this elm tree Mossy

And that robin


He looks like he could be a butler

When will I have a butler?

A servant to butter my bread?

Like the Mrs. Jane Seaman

I feel I should be

Remembering something

Was it today?

No, the funeral will be Wednesday.

And today is...

Oh! Bless my knickers.

The real butler's stepped out.

     Jane gardened extensively at Grindstone Castle. The natural beauty of my setting draws me back into the story again and again. Before I say goodbye, I wanted to leave you with a virtual guided tour of a botanical garden in New York City.

Here's a link to an article with other botanical garden tours!

       My July 2020 newsletter is scheduled for arrival on the first of the month. 'Til then, stay safe and stay caffeinated!

In word and in life,
In word and in life,
Laura Aliese Miedema

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