Crucifix Executioner

Crucifix Executioner, vols. 1 and 2

Written by Duncan Cunningham and Aaron Cassidy

Vol. 1 Artists: Ignacio Vega, Igor Chakal Teixeira. Colorist: Armando Jasmin Jr. Letterer: A.C. Rusinov.

Vol. 2 Artist: Harsho Mohan Chattoraj. Colorist: Armando Jasmin Jr. Letterer: Micah Myers

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Deep pool of artistic talent.

Crucifix Executioner has plenty of attention to detail. It tells the story of Glen Parsons, a man who has psychic powers who helps the police force. In the midst of his work comes along a brutal moment of violence at the hand of a biker gang, "The Conquistadors" who kill his wife carrying his unborn child, along with a bullet in his head.

While recuperating Glen Parsons' psychic powers increase due to the wound. He transforms into a slightly irrational hell-bent force of vengeance, wearing a hood and missing an eye.

This story is pretty good, it has good bones. The problem was with the overall execution of the finished product.

We get one style in Volume 1...

The artwork jumps all around the place stylistically. Duncan Cunningham should have stayed with a team of artists who look right visually together. Volume one has a loose and sketchy colorful look, Volume 2 is entirely different with a riot of black lines and an almost woodcut feel. Both are fine, but there should have been a commitment to picking one style and staying with it.

... and then Volume 2 gets another.

Crucifix Executioner is a graphic novel that could have been a great work. When you care deeply about the overall look, it's going to get read and shared amongst your fans. But when it's a matter of just racking up the page count, laying in sufficient gore and sex along the way, swiping in and out one look for another; that's when you lose me as a reader.

Stick with Vol. 2

I'd say if you want a decent story steer clear of Volume 1, and just pick up Volume 2 which has a bit better polish to it.

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