Melville Residents' Association

Dear Melville Residents,

July finds us moving into an ‘advanced’ Level 3 lockdown, and the community is as active as ever while maintaining a socially acceptable distance – take a quick read through the Melville Snippets for more about the wonders of our suburb.

Viva Melville’s ongoing emergency food project is a continued success. The need is still there, which means the group is continuing to do their best to meet it. The group has moved to the Heritage Baptist Church on 7th Ave.

If you wish to donate funds towards the groceries that go into the food parcels, please use the reference MELVILLE for this account: Viva Foundation of South Africa, FNB 622 4884 3270

To read more about the project, here is a link to a blog post by one of Melville’s residents, Heather Mason:

Melville Security Initiative (MSI)

The MSI have recently upped the security presence on the ground in Melville through additional guards patrolling the neighbourhood. 

From 1 July there will be 2 guards patrolling Melville during the day (in addition to the 2 cars patrolling).

These foot patrols will be stationed across the neighbourhood wherever there are crime hotspots.

The Melville / Auckland Park Satellite Police Station

The Melville / Auckland Park Satellite Police Station project is still in process.

Unfortunately, the recent lockdown delayed some of the repairs and maintenance required to open, but this seems to be back on track, and we are hoping they are able to open as soon as the building is able to be brought to a usable level.

These improved safety measures will certainly have a positive effect on our suburb.

Resident input and activity are vital to keeping our suburb safe and enjoyable for everyone. The months ahead are likely to hold changes in liquor applications and properties that will affect the suburb. If you have an interest in learning more about Melville’s local businesses or spaces, please contact the Melville Business Association (, or contact us at and we will try to assist in connecting you.

In addition, there are some updates regarding testing sites in our area. Please see below for more information.

Covid-19 testing sites near Melville:


Block F Drive through site Block F,

Cnr Napier and Menton rds,

Richmond, Johannesburg

Mon-Fri: 08h00-17h00, Sat 08:00-13:00


64 Gibson Street






8 Sturdee Ave, Rosebank

0114463825/0823200634 Mon-Sun 07h00-16h00

Update on the state of health facilities in Region B re: Covid Impact

• Berario Clinic: Open, also attending to some patients from Windsor.

• Bosmont Clinic Open, some staff and Ops manager on quarantine.

• Parkhurst Clinic: all staff on quarantine only Ops manager in the clinic.

• Randburg Clinic: all staff on quarantine only Ops manager in the clinic.

• Riverlea Clinic: open, some staff on quarantine.

• Sophiatown Clinic: open, skeleton staff some on quarantine.

• Westbury Clinic: open, some staff on quarantine.

• Windsor Clinic: closed, all staff including Ops manager on quarantine.

A message from our ward councillor and the following measures taken:

• We are currently busy with recruiting contracts to mitigate the staff challenges to all the affected facilities.

• It will not be a full staff compliment but will be able to fill the gaps. Some of these staff will need to attend an orientation on Monday.

• Unfortunately the reality is that Covid storm is disrupting efforts to assist our communities, however, we remain committed to do our best in improving the situation.

As we begin to move around more, please don’t forget to support local. Many of our local businesses are open for take-aways or deliveries, or a quick cup of coffee. 

Stay positive, keep negative, wear your masks, and please, check in on your neighbours.

Warm regards,

MRA Executive Committee
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