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Walmart steps out from stealth mode and releases the biggest live deployment of blockchain to date. Press Release

This was made possible with our partner DLT Labs, who we represent in the Banking, Financial Information and Insurance industry.

This changes the dynamic of blockchain adoption. The platform, which we adapted for BFSI, can be deployed on any cloud with any protocol and enables users to work directly within an enterprise pilot environment.  It significantly reduces the time to market, having passed eight levels of security penetration from Walmart.

The way we see it, one of the key takeaways from the announcement should be an industry shift in mind-set. If you have been experimenting with blockchain, with our new tools, instead of doing proof-of-concepts, now right out of the gate, you can develop pilots that immediately have the ability to scale for enterprise. Please read some of our articles referencing this news.

Of course, during this holiday season, I can’t close without saying thank you for all of the support you have generously offered. Thank You. As a small token and to put a smile on your face, we have attached a Stereogram. Have some fun and see if you can spot the holiday image.

Happy Holidays and Peace. I truly hope that 2020 will be your best year ever!

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Top Announcements

Walmart Canada and DLT Labs™ launch world's largest full production Blockchain solution.

Walmart Canada has just announced what it describes as the world’s “first enterprise full production blockchain solution launched at a large scale mission-critical function”. 

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Holiday Fun Stereogram

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BNY Mellon Explores Marco Polo Network

The Bank of New York Mellon is conducting an evaluation program with the Marco Polo Network, furthering its aims to fully digitize the business to deliver new capabilities faster, unlock the power of data, and put clients at the center of their ecosystem.

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HSBC Swaps Paper Records for Blockchain to Track $20 Billion Worth of Assets

HSBC aims to shift $20 billion worth of assets to a new blockchain-based custody platform by March, in one of the biggest deployments yet of the widely-hyped but still unproven technology by a global bank.


JPMorgan Moves Forward With Blockchain Vehicle Tracking System

JPMorgan Chase is putting together a plan to finance the creation of a blockchain-based automobile inventory system. The inventory system would digitize floor plan financing using the company’s patent-pending ledger-based floor planning methods.


HSBC Chief Kroeker Expects Commercialization of Blockchain in 2020

BANKS and financial services institutions have trialed plenty of blockchain applications over the past 12 to 24 months — and although many of them have been incredibly successful, most haven’t been scaled for a commercial launch. 



FEMA Looks At Blockchain To Aid Disaster Payouts

The United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has revealed that it might look into using blockchain technology to streamline disaster insurance payouts, as well as speed up its response to disasters.

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How Blockchain Powers Insurance Processes

Blockchain is helping insurance firms radically transform operations with faster and secure data exchanges.


Why Blockchain is the Antidote Against Insurance Fraud

Insurance is a legacy industry that remains relatively unchanged by software. While transport or financial management have undergone significant transformation because of increased competition and new technology, the insurance industry has survived largely unscathed. Is
this something blockchain can change?



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