Script Ideas.

Actually, about three or four. It's important for any creative person (and I think I belong in that group) to keep handy a list of script ideas, plot lines, story scenarios, and other ephemera to keep ones mind alert and active.

At work I keep a few notecards handy to jot them down as I think them up.

Want to hear a few of them? Great!

The Claim

A person who intentionally enters an evacuation zone during a fire emergency in the woods. He wants to deliberately set his house on fire and collect the insurance money.

Where Are We?

A story about longitude and latitude coordinates and a hole in the ground around the world... a man tries to piece together what's happening...

The Coin

You can travel back in time if you squeeze a US coin, and it goes to the date on the coin. (Remember to take with you a coin of the current year to get back!)

The Snow Plow

Just a simple set-up of a man contracted to plow the driveways/parking lots in a quiet midwestern town. Early A.M. is his time-frame, and he sees some stuff not quite right (murder mystery).


A 35 year old Vancouver woman who was an exotic dancer there and wants to start over again in Las Vegas in 1977. Having scanned the want ads she mistakenly shows up to an industrial area where the job for 'stripper' was really a paint removal service for construction/house renovation. After trying to get jobs as a stripper or exotic dancer (pole girl) she can't find work because she's too old. She goes back to the industrial place and takes the job, trying to raise her daughter and cope in a man's world that shows some hostility towards her.

Who Am I?

A man with total amnesia at a bus station.

Your Father

Dumped man has sex one last time with is soon to be ex, enraged. Door with blood written 'WHORE' on it, shot himself bled to death. Woman's alive. Suicide. She is pregnant with the child. Trying to explain to the kid his origins.

The Cause Celebre

A caveman wall painter who enters in a time portal and becomes the darling of the New York Art Gallery scene.

... and my favorite:

Crazy Man Chronicles

The re-telling of tall tales from a strange homeless person:

  • Kennedy's assassination was Lee Oswald preventing a Zombie Apocalypse, because President Kennedy was patient Zero.
  • The Titanic was sunk by a Kraken, not an iceberg.

What are yours?

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