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The Security Foiling blog - 'Foiling the Forgers' - part one

This is the first of four articles focusing on the many uses of Hot Stamping Foils to assist in counterfeit prevention and detection for security documents

‘Foiling the forgers’ – practical applications of hot stamping foil to add security to documents

Hot stamping foils (HSF) have long been used to create stunning visual effects as well as more practical applications like date stamping of food packaging.

However, HSF is now widely used to protect security documents:

Transparent foils – used as a lamination to encapsulate data and photographs to provide evidence of tampering; sometimes incorporating UV reflective properties. (Identity documents, University Certificates etc.)

Security Foiling's DATAFOILHD shown below

    Metallic foils – used to protect the substrate against duplication. The high reflectivity and bright shiny finish is much harder to recreate digitally. (Tax receipts, Licences, Work permits etc.)

    Holographic foils - can create dramatic light diffractive features that change colour and appearance which makes accurate copying or simulation very difficult. (Tax stamps, Cheques, Bank drafts etc.)

    The stamping process ‘embeds’ the feature into the substrate and can create a ‘tactile’ feature.

    The HSF can be combined with complex embossing dies to ‘personalise’ the stamped image (as seen in the DuogramHD picture)

    HSF is used as an additional layer of security; integrated and combined with the document to provide a defence against fraudulent alteration or duplication.

    In many instances, the HSF is used as a dramatic visual representation of the customers own branding.

    Security Foiling's DUOGRAMHD product below

    In the second article, we will look at 'The Authentication Challenge' and how hot stamping foil can assist in the identification of suspect documents and plastic cards.

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    About the Author

    Mark has worked in the security print sector for more than 21 years having previously occupied various roles in pre-press, production, and QA in print finishing, specializing in hot stamping and embossing. 

    He was an active participant in Project Genesius, a partnership between the UK Print industry and the Metropolitan Police to seek law change which resulted in the Security Printing Equipment and Materials (offences) Act 2015. He received a local business award for Community Safety and Crime Prevention in the same year.

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