July 2020 EarthTides Newsletter


Phoenix is hot this time of the year so I headed up to the hills around Flagstaff for 4 or 5 days.  What a beautiful place to put a newsletter together. 

7000 ft elevation, millions of Ponderosa Pines with a few Pinion Pine interspersed among them.  Pleasant days and cool nights.  Just lovely.


Two 24 hour sales in July to honor Freedom

On July 10th from 12:00 am to 12 pm

on July 20th from 12:00 am to 12 pm

You will find a link on the


landing page to purchase the EarthTides for 

$799.  and shipping is free anywhere in America.

If you are in Europe, the shipping runs between $65 and $99.  I can send

a special link for the shipping after your purchase.

The link will be close to the top of the page and it will say something like

"EarthTides 4 Freedom $799"


What do the colors in the water represent?

The two main colors in the water are light brown and light blue swathes before they dissolve in the water. The light brown is iron oxide from the stainless steel plates and the light blue swathes are chromium oxide from the stainless steel plates.

You will notice that you did not receive a color chart with your device. Someone just made up a pretty chart and created a tool for the critics to grab to disprove the effectiveness of Ionizing Body detox devices.

“Light Brown=bladder and uninary toxins.”

Wrong! The light brown is the oxidizing of the iron in the plates.

Most toxins that come out in the water are whitish like phlegm or silty black which would be the heavy metals. The sandy black substance actually comes from the plates.

You will also notice that after a foot detox session an oily ring around the tub. This oily substance comes out during session with arms or feet.


Eye Infections

[Chapter 1]

5 years ago my right eye contracted an infection from a pair of Oakley sunglasses I found as I was backpacking in the Superstition Mountains. The rubber covered framework that extends back to the curve was rotten and I found myself scrapping it off with my fingers...I imagine my fingers found their way to my eyes and within 36 hours I had one nasty eye infection.

I waited another day doing nothing hoping my body could handle the invasion. Finally when the pain was bad enough I pulled out the BodyGuard and put the rods of the frequency generator on two different parts of my face. The black wired rod wrapped in a wet paper towel I put in my mouth and the red wired rod in a sopping wet paper towel all over the lid of my closed infected eye. I was there laying down doing that for about 20 minutes when I noticed that I was free from the pain. The following morning I felt great but applied the rods for 20 minutes just to be sure. Within 5 days all the redness had gone.

[Chapter 2]

Last week my right eye contracted an infection from heaven knows what. I first noticed the anomaly when I realized how painful it was to focus on my computer screen or words in a book. I waited a day and all heck broke loose. This infection was very unpleasant and over the next several days I had to orchestrate an arsenal of several things to finally kill this pathogen. I used the BodyGuard Zapper (Micro-current), the BodyGuard Frequency Generator, a poultice of Wormwood, diatomaceous earth and hot water, saltwater eye washes several times a day and finally the pain began to subside and the pathogen died. After a week, the sclera is finally getting back to almost white. If I had had some Boric Acid, I would have marshaled that in as well.


The antagonist in chapter 1 probably involved a bacteria which is easy to dismiss using either the Frequency Generator or the BodyGuard Zapper (Micro-Current).

The character in Chapter 2 was either a fungi of some sorts...single celled, very insidious and extremely replicable requiring several sessions to subdue… or perhaps a virus. Although, I feel viruses can be disarmed quickly using micro-current or a frequency generator.

I feel good knowing that our bodies can heal and be free from anything even though most of the time the culprit is never identified.



The Probes/Rods in the Mouth

Some of us have very sensitive mouths and sometimes the probes can be uncomfortable.

First I want to say that one of the effective ways to use the Micro-Current device or the frequency generator is to direct the flow of electrons into the body via the mouth.

Here are a few ways to flow electrons through the mouth if your are sensitive.

1. You can wrap both probes with 3-5 wraps of a paper towel instead of just two. This creates resistance and slows down the flow of electrons.

2. You can put one of the probes up to your lips sideways like a kiss and touch the wet paper towel of the probe with your tongue. You can vary the wraps of paper as well.

3. On some of the devices, you can actually turn the voltage higher or lower. If you want to do this, you will have to contact me and we can set up a time to do that.


You will find more information about how to use EarthTides at this website.



What is the difference between the

Frequency Generator and the Micro-Current device?

They are both Micro-current devices which means they flow a very small amount of electrons through the body. Both devices flow between 3/1000 – 4.5/1000 of an amp which is very low and great for the body. 3/1000A is 3mA

The Micro-Current device flows electrons without interruption. We call it constant flow.   This device just hit the market 4 months ago.

The Frequency Generator is a micro-current device with an event. The event is the volts change from 0 to 7.8 and back again to 0. If this event would happen one time each second, it would be 1 hz. If this event would happen 2500 times each second it would be 2500 hz. So, in other words the flow of electrons stops and goes 2500 times each second.


Which one is better?

Both have been found very successful at eliminating pathogens. A naturopathic doctor in Iowa has discovered with over 50 patients over the past 4 months that the Micro-Current device BodyGuard Zapper has an unusual tendency to alleviate chronic pain as well. It is possible that the Frequency Generator may have the same effect. No one has really used it in such a manner. Most of you have the Frequency Generator. Test it and share with me your experiences.


Remember to create your reality just the way you want it.




Christopher Cody | 2701 N 7th St, Phoenix
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