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A message from Toto...

Welcome to the 38th edition of The Footbridge.

As always I’ll start with a big welcome to all our latest arrivals. As off time of going to pixels, we now have 833 members. That’s up 29 on the last edition. We must be doing something right.

OK …… lets get started. Just as it is such a big news item at the moment and looks like its set to remain so for some time to come, I’ll start of as follows.


Nothing much changes on this front then …… confusion still reigns supreme to most of us trying to work out what we can and cant do. One thing is for sure, it has put paid to most, if not all exhibitions and other away days that we might have otherwise attended.

We still want to play our part in giving those trapped in their houses somewhere to come and entertain themselves so ……. Platform 1 is still open for business as usual and you are all welcome to pop in ……… as long as you keep to the “ virtual “ physical distancing rules.

So, to everyone out there, I hope you don’t fall foul to this nightmare. Act safe and stay safe.

Competition News

On a cheerier note.

The second competition has been drawn to a close and the winners announced. This was our “ Shelf Queen “ competition, in which folks were asked to take one of their unfinished projects and see it through to completion.

This was a well attended competiton which seemed to grab the attention of quite a few, possibly down to the spare time we may have found as we wrestled with the rules of COVID.

As always, it was very hard to judge as the general quality of entries was very high so relied on the commitment to regular posting of progress in order to determine the overall winners and determined they were.


In first place was Kimbo with his fantastic pair of upgraded BR Class 35 Hymeks. The overall task in hand, quality of workmanship and finish won the day and seen him scoop the first prize of a ACE C14 loco kit complete with motor and Slaters wheels …… its in the post Kimbo.

Second prize went to York Paul who completed his BR Tender Steam Britannia Class loco including a rather nice paint job. He is now in possession of a Connossiuer Models Milk Churn Van …….. Enjoy.

Third prize went to our very own Andy Sollis for his 3D build wagon. Absolutely painstaking detail and quality of build. The patience of a saint to see that through. Andy won a Connossiuer Models 12 ton Pipe Wagon which may just be enough to get him permanently into the rubber gauge bracket. ….. Well done Andy and indeed again …….. to all who entered.

Our next ( third ) competition of this season is about to be announced with an award date of around Christmas. It will be on a Scalescenes theme so keep your eye open on the competition section as I hope to get it announced and under way within the next few days.

There is still what I’d call the competition of compititions for the OO scale modellers amongst us as the Townstreet Citadel Station is still up for grabs. I just need to get my brain in gear and think of a suitable theme. It’s a truly great prize. 

Sponsor’s Update

Information on sponsors for this edition is in short supply as most of the news was spilled last edition with regards to new sponsor announcements. We still await to hear from Gladiator Models to confirm the prize pot but I am acutely aware that Dave Hill has been busy getting stock levels back up to speed and will chime in when he is ready. This should hopefully be good timing to offer up some O Gauge goodies at the turn of 2020 / 2021. We still have our Ellis clark stockpile to part with yet.

No new sponsors as such to report on as I think we have enough to do trying to organise and get folks to participate in our current level of competition offerings. However ….. if interest grows and participant numbers rise, I am happy to go out and secure more sponsorship prizes ……. Its all down to you guys.


Forum Features and notable changes in the current format

As mentioned last edition, some changes to the forum format are being actively looked at. It has been slow to start but there has been some back ground tasks to get in order first, like some changes to our Ghost forum from which to experiment and test ideas before committing them to the live forum software.

Also there are slight changes in peoples available time to commit. ….. OOOOO …… let me explain. Our Dundee ( Paul_l ) is in the throws of retirement from a looooooonnnnngggggg stint with his soon to be past employer Michelin. …. He got tyred of it. …. Oh  boy. On the other hand, due to recent redundancy …. I have found myself going down the route of self employment as a Consultant Quantity Surveyor and have found myself spending copious hours setting things up and drumming up business which I am pleased to say is doing ok and is well on track. ( just don’t tell COVID ).

So …. There is a bit of a shift in terms of who will be best to push on with changes etc. I am having to relinquish the reigns of power to a degree and rely on my over paid wing commander to steer the good ship.

Hopefully Dundee will have our super new practice server in shape for transferring of the ghost forum which will relieve him of his current Godaddy site and let him do all tasks software going forward without blowing the forum up. …….. over to you Maestro.   

Current threads of particular interest

In this edition, my attention was grabbed by Rosspops Telfords End layout build. An O gauge creation utilising C & L finescale track products that looks certain to hold the attention of many. Especially the GWR fans amongst us. The layout although looking excellent is in its infancy and I think will have many interesting sub-projects to report on as it progresses. Not to mention some excellent images showing off his very enviable stable of locomotives and rolling stock. Keep it coming.

Stephen Humphreys continues his amazing commitment to his video postings on Elvenhome. His superb N Gauge layout which never fails to impress. His latest venture see’s a pub complete with bowling alley being modelled in n Gauge …….. Just amazing !


Work continues apace on Paul Hodgsons’s the Stratford MPD which is never far from the headlines on Platform 1 whether in picture of the week, the news letter or just through the threads general popularity. If you are a shed dweller …… its quite simple …… you’d be a fool not to tune in. At the time of pixels, the start is being made to the concrete façade of the shed and judging by the photo of the prototype ……. Its gonna be another sure fire winner. …. Check it out for yourself. Well done Paul and team Oz.  

A note to end on

As you will have picked up on from within my news in the competition section, we do try to keep competitions coming in order to create a bit interest and something for folks to go at. Afterall, everything is free with some great prizes to be had so whats not to like.

We would however like some feed back, especially on the type of competition theme that you would be interested in participating in. We try and keep it interesting and varied, but fresh ideas are always welcome.

With that in mind, if you have a light bulb moment, post it up and let us know. If you are a bit camera shy, feel free to pm me with your idea or any of the other mods for that matter. I’d rather have the theme of some interest than continually dictate the play myself so …. Get head scratching ….. and shout out.


Well, I’ve reached the point in this edition where I think I’ve drawn enough blood and its time to hand over to Gary “ The Wizard of Oz “ to update you with his pick of the posts and his monthly photographic teaser.


Thanks for your continued company and support.

Please keep well and stay safe.

Your flounderness


Shelf Queen Competition... Winners are Grinners !

The 2020 Shelf Queen Competition has been run and won.

Click on the P1MRC token above to be taken to the Shelf Queen Winners Thread.

Take a look at these three beautiful models below. From left to right, we have in 1st place Kimbo's 'Class 35 Hymeks', in 2nd place is York Paul's 'Britannia Class' and coming in 3rd place we have Andy's 'PAA Sand Wagons'.

Click on the images to read more about these excellent models...!

Engaging Future Modellers...

Dr Tony has kept busy building a small portable layout to take to exhibitions. Read how Dr Tony has designed the baseboards to fit his small car right up to scratch building the colourful little houses that will adorn the layout...

Gettin' off on grass...

Static grass, how hard can it be to apply ? Well, click on the image and find out how easy it is to build your own Static Grass Applicator for a few quid...

Scratchbuilding and 3D Printing

Follow York Paul as he scratch builds Leek station building with conventional methods and 3D printed items. Andy Sollis and Paul_l has helped along the way with the STL files (CAD drawings) and the 3D printing of ornate parts...

What, A New Competition...??

In conjunction with Scalescenes, Platform 1 MRC will be announcing an awesome new competition...

Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement coming soon !!

Inter-active Puzzle No.18...

Here is a small portion of a photo from one of the great layouts that grace the pages of P1MRC. Which layout does it belong to ?? Post your answer in the Newsletter Interactive Puzzle thread under P1MRC Competitions...

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