Words from the Chairman

However much we may argue whether January 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade or is that 2021, for us at CanKids 2020-2030 is going to mark a real Change for Childhood Cancer in India.

With WHO’s call out to Member nations for all LMICs achieve survival rates of 60% for childhood cancer, the launch of the “No Pain No Loss” international campaign last year and the “No More Borders” campaign this year has and will continue to catalyze change we had set out make back in 2004 when first we set up CanKids KidsCan as a Unit of Indian Cancer Society Delhi Branch.

Through these intervening years and even as we separated and set up as an independent National Society in June 2012, we have focussed on engaging with all stakeholders concerned.

  • Beginning with partnerships with childhood cancer-treating centers which we call our CHSU( Cankids Hospital Support Unit ) projects – we have 69 such today;
  • We have facilitated Stakeholder forums – Fight RB India,( for eye cancer), POSHAN ( for nutrition), Regional Paediatric Oncology Forums ( TNPPOG, NIPOF and EIPOF in Tamil Nadu Pudducherry, North and East India respectively);
  • We are most grateful for our CSR and donor partnerships across 45 projects which are State-wise programmatic;
  • We are proud of our 2 formal State partnerships with State Govts of Punjab and Maharashtra as their knowledge and technical partners
  • We work and support the Indian Academy of Pediatrics- PediatricHematology Oncology Chapter ( IAP – PHO) and In POG for capacity building and research, including the annual PHOSSCON for Social Support organizations
  • PHOSSCON has helped us facilitate the creation of an informal alliance of NGOs - Childhood Cancer India Social Support Network to learn, share and work together.
  • On an international platform, we are proud members of Childhood Cancer International, Anchor Organization for Asia members and this last year we were delighted to be offered an Associate membership of UICC ( International Union for Cancer Control).

With the WHO Global Initiative on Childhood Cancer, an important stakeholder is now at the head of the table. This will help us in our advocacy efforts to ensure that the Government of India recognizes Childhood Cancer as a Child and health priority in India. As reported in our earlier issues, we were quick off the mark to work with the pediatric oncology community to organize a Town Hall in June in Delhi last year, and 2 workshops during PHOCON-PHOSSCON in Varanasi in September.

I am excited and I see clearly the road ahead for the fulfillment of a personal pledge to reach and make a difference to the lives of children with cancer and their families across the country.

The developments this last year both nationally and internationally have helped us to more clearly delineate our 2 models of Access to Care. Thank you, Scott Howard, Secretary SIOP for helping me to change the argument from “Quantity vs Quality “and “spread too thin” to Access to Care and its importance in an LMIC like India.


Building Capacities for the Paediatric Oncology Community in India

December 17-21, 2019

CanKids KidsCan , India and Hope B~Lit from United States Team came together to support and spread joy in the life of children suffering with Cancer. In the month of December, an American NGO Hope B~Lit travelled to donate all proceeds from the short film Got Cancer to kids with cancer with the support of CanKids India. They together travelled to 3 metropolitan cities, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi to run workshops for children and comprised of fun and education values and therapeutic expressive therapies.

Celebrities came out in support of the cause, Shahid Mallya who sang the songs 'Ik Kudi' and 'Darya' in Mumbai', Arjun Chakraborty (Actor) in Kolkata and Ruhi Hak (Founder- Hope B~Lit), Sonal Sharma ( Co-founder, CanKids), Poonam Bagai ( Founder, CanKids), Harsh Kumar (COO CanKids), and media partners Ezilon Media Pvt Ltd were present at the events held on December 17 in Mumbai, December 18 in Kolkata, December 21, 2019, in New Delhi, respectively.

As the year draws to a close, we are delighted to initiate a new partnership with Hope B~Lit from USA which will help us to raise much-needed awareness and funds for the cause. We congratulate Ruhi Hak on the deeply inspiring film on childhood cancer "Got Cancer" and are inspired by her passion and commitment to children's causes, "said Poonam Bagai, Founder Chairman CanKidsKidsCan and Cancer survivor and Advocate.

The critically acclaimed short film "Got Cancer" was screened at the event to highlight social issues, and put a spotlight on the concerns around Cancer to be able to take real action on the ground. As the creative producer of these films and the Founder of Hope B~Lit, Ruh aka Rohini Hak shared, "Our vision was clear from the beginning. While conceptualizing 'Got Cancer!' I knew the story not only needed to drive change in thought but more importantly, it needed to translate into a call to action. That's what creates a real impact on the ground for a supported cause." All Proceeds from "Got Cancer!" screenings will continue to be donated to the kids braving cancer. Hope B~Lit aims to provide much-needed support to affected children and their families in terms of further education and health check.

Christmas Celebrations Across India

At CanKids..KdsCan where we face death and celebrate the lives of our kids with cancer- the end of the year marks a new beginning with fresh hopes and dreams. Throughout the month of December, as the winter chill sets in, the main topics at our Learning Activity Clinics on the "Chattais", in OPDs and wards, and in the HAHs and Hospital School Rooms are "Home and Shelters" and Christmas- of course! Our teachers are teaching and our children are learning about Santa Claus, snow, reindeer, and the joys of giving and receiving. With the help of the CanKids social support teams and contributions from our donors and supporters as well as partnering hospitals, schools like DPS Gurugram and students and volunteers, the children and their siblings and parents joyously celebrate Christmas in wards and hospitals and Care Centers across CanKids network at 67 paediatric cancer units pan India.

In Delhi- NCR, our school partner, DPS Gurgaon hosted the Christmas Celebration on December 22, 2019, where 167 children from  8 hospitals and their families enjoyed a morning of craft, performances, and a Mela. We specially thank Dr. Blossom Kochchar for a beautiful and delicious cake.

We have much to be grateful for, and we are truly blessed to be able to help, support, and hold the hands of the families.

ECO Rent a Car joins Hands with CanKids to Put the Brakes on Childhood Cancer

January 8, 2020

ECO Rent a Car is one of the leading mobility companies in India, having separate divisions serving a wide set of diverse stakeholders, and offering Chauffeur driven from mid to luxury segments like Chrysler stretch Limousines. While ECO Rent a Car has a CSR partnership with CanKids, this year, we thank Mr. Rajesh Loomba, Managing Director of ECO Rent a Car, that the company agreed to collaborate with CanKids to “Put the Brakes on Childhood Cancer” by helping raise awareness on childhood cancer and funds to extend holistic care, treatment, and support to a greater number of children in India. On the occasion, Mr. Gautam Nath, CEO, ECO Rent a Car said, “We should eradicate this illness together”.

The campaign was formally launched on January 8, 2020, at Eco Rent a Car office by Mr. Aditya Loomba – Joint Managing Director - ECO Rent a Cars and Ms. Poonam Bagai – Chairman – CanKids...KidsCan along with Mr. Gautam Nath, CEO, Eco Rent a Car, Ms. Mita Khurana, Director, Treatment Support Program, CanKids, among other by scanning the QR code on the dangler in the car, and contributing to CanKids’ mission of improving survival rates, and ensuring rights of children suffering from cancer.

Under the above initiative, ECO Rent a Car has provided access to its strong fleet of 7000 cars to hang a Eco Rent a Car – CanKids dangler with UPI QR display, facilitating travelers in their cars to use their mobile phones to scan the QR code and contribute to the cause of childhood cancer.

CanKids Childhood Cancer Survivors conquered Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020 To Raise Awareness and Funds

Team Pfizer at Tata Mumbai Marathon, 2020

January 19, 2020

Like previous years, CanKids Childhood Cancer Survivors conquered the Tata Mumbai Marathon (TMM) 2020 held on  January 19, 2020. Seventeen survivors completed the marathon in different categories. The team showed the world that they are as good as anybody, if not more. They ran the marathon so that more kids with Cancer in India can survive and feel motivated to run more marathons tomorrow. 

Cankids participated in the TMM 2020 in collaboration with United Way Mumbai (UWM) with the twin purpose of raising awareness on childhood cancer and raising funds to provide holistic care, treatment, and support to a greater number of children across India. Corporates like ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Limited, Pfizer India and Trafigura supported our campaign. Together, they raised about INR 50.4 lakhs for childhood cancer.

As many as 437 donors comprising of individuals, companies, other organizations contributed to CanKids for supporting holistic care, treatment and support to children with cancer and their families.

We are also thankful to UWM for creating a platform empowering NGOs to not only raise money for much-needed projects but also enabling us to challenge-ourselves when it comes to walking-the-talk or more aptly running-the-talk.

Top Fundraiser- Team Akriti Chauhan -611863 for the event & Team Sandeep Yadav -555000 (Childhood Cancer Survivors)

Haq Ki Baat Leg II- Go Gold Maharashtra

January 20, 2020: Together with the other Mumbai survivors day after Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020, Akriti Chauhan, chapter head, Lucknow visited Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee, Secretary, Medical Education, and Drugs Department, GT Hospital Campus. 

CanKids has an MoU with the Government of Maharashtra as its Knowledge and Technical partner for childhood cancer. Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee said, "You have participated in this marathon and all are carrying their completion medals. It's a matter of great satisfaction to see all children of this age-fighting against cancer and honestly speaking if you can run a marathon, then you have defeated cancer. This is a great message you have sent and you are the brand ambassadors for the fight against cancer. You are the example for that nothing is impossible if you have the will to fight and if you have a great support system." Dr. Mukherjee lauded the spirit of our survivors was amazing. Wishing them the very best and hoping they continue their work with greater efforts, he said. 

Akriti our ChapterHead of KCK UP had travelled from Lucknow to Mumbai on launching Haq Ki Baat II. In September last year, Sandeep and Vikas Yadav, our survivor leaders from Mumbai had travelled the Haq Ki Baat campaign to invite the Prime Minister's attention for Childhood Cancer to be a child health priority in India.

"Mr. Prime Minister - why should where I am born decide whether I survive or not?"


Saving Subhita- Paediatrics Palliative Care Centre – CanKids...KidsCan
February 7, 2020

Our one and only Pediatric Palliative Care Center, Subhita in the country must relocate. We are inviting new Corporate Partners for the next year. We are grateful to Mannkind Charitable Trust, Canada for their continuous support for 7 years and Cipla for 3 years. We have been reaching out to friends, families, community well-wishers. We have needed INR 50 lakhs to keep the Center running in order to provide 1000 lives in the good palliative.

Since October 2019, we have been trying hard to find a place similar to where we are now. We are concerned. If we have to close down Subhita, 1000 children will be denied much-needed palliative care for 6 months. On behalf of Abha, Suman, and bereaved father Birendra Karki, parents of survivors Piyush Narayan, Simran Anand, and late Elvis Karki, respectively came together to lead their efforts. The letters have been submitted to the Cabinet Health Minister, Health Minister of State, Chief Minister-Delhi NCR and the Lieutenant Governor- Delhi NCR, dated February 7, 2020. The appealing letters have been prepared along with 554 signatures of affected parents. 

The campaign slogan is "

A group video of sloganeering has been shot and shared in various social media. 

You can support their efforts by helping us to donate by issuing a cheque in favor of CanKids KidsCan or write us an email at savesubhita@cankidsindia.org. Your donations will go to the Saving Subhita Fund. The Funds will be spent on care and support of children and families using the Center.

On behalf of parents and the family of children with cancer, a letter with demand for the space for PPCC at a nearby place of AIIMS campus has been composed mentioning the demands and reasons and the associated signs of the family members have been taken in the letter. The letters have been submitted to the Cabinet Health Minister, Health Minister of State, Chief Minister – Delhi NCR and the Governor – Delhi NCR, dated February 7, 2020.

The appealing letters for cabinet Minister of Health and Family Welfare, State Minister of Health and Family Welfare of NTC of Delhi, Chief Minister of NTC of Delhi and the Lieutenant Governor of NTC of Delhi have been prepared along with the copies of 554 signatures.

    The letters were registered in the secretariats of the respective organizations on the date of February 12, 2020. Along with this, a group video of sloganeering was shot and shared in various social media.

    We hope the action taken regarding the campaign Save Subhita on behalf of childhood Cancer affected parents and family members will help to create additional pressure to the above mentioned governmental organizations in order to take the action towards our demand.

        The appealing letters for cabinet Minister of Health and Family Welfare, State Minister of Health and Family Welfare of NTC of Delhi, Chief Minister of NTC of Delhi and the Lieutenant Governor of NTC of Delhi have been prepared along with the copies of 554 signatures.

          The letters were registered in the secretariats of the respective organizations on the date of February 12, 2020. Along with this, a group video of sloganeering was shot and shared in various social media.

          We hope the action taken regarding the campaign Save Subhita on behalf of childhood Cancer affected parents and family members will help to create additional pressure to the above mentioned governmental organizations in order to take the action towards our demand.

              The main objective is to create a healthy pressure on the different governmental organisations in order to fulfil the mentioned demands related to Save Subhita, PPCC run by CanKids.

              1. Cankids PPCC – Subhita must sustain for the cause.
              2. Cankids PPCC – Subhita must be nearby AIIMS and Safdarjung hospital campus.
              3. Cankids PPCC – Subhita should be furnished with at least 15 beds and other facilities with at least of an area of 5000 sq feet for all its relevant service sections and departments.
              4. The care centre should be patient-friendly access i.e. easy for transportation.
              5. The Care Centre should be furnished with all the required measure of safety components as per the directive rule of government.
              Team CanKids enjoys Snowfall

              January 17-20, 2020: In the month of January, 43 CanKids members- staff, parents, and survivors travelled to Manali from January 17- 20, 2020. Ankit Taluja and Vishwajeet from MASSI and CSB departments planned the whole trip. 

              It was a fun-filled trip, full of activities like dance and music along with a bonfire. On their move to Solang valley, everyone was involved in one activity or the other such as skiing, tube ride, ropeway, etc. This trip was organized and funded by the staff themselves. All they needed from the Human Resource Department was to give them one Saturday off.

              Ms. Meeta Khurana who heads the CanKids Fun Committee said,  "For the work, we do with kids with cancer and their families are extremely emotional and celebrating and having fun together rejuvenates and helps us to work harder."


              CanKids congratulates Dr. Ravi Kannan, who turned out to be a medical messiah for cancer patients in remote Barak Valley.

              We really value your hard work and dedication towards the welfare of society. We are proud to support you in the work you do especially for children with cancer and their families.

              November 30, 2019

              Congratulations on tying the knot!

              Wishing you an awesome wedding dear Shivani from Finance Department, just take it one step at a time. Wishing you and your spouse, Sunny Gandhi a great life ahead. It takes two to tangle but a lifetime to be together and happy.

              Sympathy Note
              November 3, 2019

              New Delhi:
              Life is so unfair we need to scream. With regret, we would like to share with you that Baby Gunjan Kumari age 6 years from Gwadla (Alwar), Rajasthan who was looked after at our Subhita Palliative Care Centre, left for her heavenly abode on November 3, 2019, It was a small journey with her. 

              She had blood cancer and was receiving treatment at AIIMS, Department of Paediatrics.

              She with her big dreams touched many lives. With the help of CanKids Holistic Care Treatment, her wishes during her last days were fulfilled.

              Let us all take out a moment of silence in respect to her memory.

              CanKids Welcomes new members for our CEPAA & Resource Mobilization Departments
              Christmas Celebrations Across India

              Pan India, Christmas was celebrated with a number of entertainment items, awareness creating programmes, and advocating campaigns throughout all East, West, South and North regions where CanKids...KidsCan has its 67 unit of the support team. Delhi NCT, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ahmadabad, Surat, Bhatinda, Shimla are some of the major cities where the celebration was held.

              Some of the units combined together for celebration along with the partnership organization whereas others celebrated individually.

              United Colors of Benetton joined their hands and heart in this noble cause of celebration by providing the beautiful outfits to the children with cancer and their siblings. They supported a contribution of around 3500 pieces of clothes with beautiful, warm and loving dresses to the children.

              Dr. Blossom Kochhar, owner of Aroma Magic donated a delicious cake for the children and the family members adding glory to the celebration in Delhi. During Celebration, the cake was cut as one of the major events thanking Dr. Blossom Kochhar by the Chairman of CanKids – Ms Poonam Bagai and Director – Ms Sonal Sharma.

              In Delhi, the CHSUs of NCT of Delhi jointly celebrated Christmas in the partnership of Delhi Public School, Gurugram. The programme was held in the auditorium of the school with Santa Clause and the Christmas carols, many entertainment items, delicious food, beautiful gifts and fun games. On behalf of children with cancer and their family and the entire family of CanKids, Ms Poonam Bagai – Chairman (CanKids...KidsCan) and Ms Sonal Sharma – Director thanked the principal and the entire school team for such a warm welcome and the beautiful event.

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