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My coworker...

...was caught playing with himself today.

Clearly, we need an HR depurrtment.

We might be adding another ham to the mix soon! After our sweet old ladyface passed away last August, Mr. Lane and I decided to hold off until we returned from our Scottish honeymoon before searching for the perfect dog to fill her collar. While Scotland isn't happening *grumble grumble wash your hands* we're at a good place to submit applications to the local basset hound rescue for a flopper, the golden retriever rescue for a floofer, and a few shelters for a mutter. I can't wait to find a good match.

How is everything going for you, lovelies? Hanging on, yes, no, maybe? Lost all sense of time and ability to plan anything past the next five minutes? Today is Maygustvember the 67th, right?


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New from friends!

Oracle Defiant (Spellbound Shifters: Fates & Visions Book 1)

Danger and passion collide, but love was unexpected.

My sister goes missing, and I bear the punishment of everyone’s concern. I’m trapped on my family’s compound until I accept a mate. But I refuse to listen. I’ll never obey. Instead, I’ll break rules, sneak out, and dance until sunrise.

Being with my guards is an act of rebellion—and an act of submission.

When dark forces strike, my visions could mean the difference between life and death. If only I could control them.

I’m Sparrow Solaris: the Oracle who cannot See.

Oracle Defiant is the first installment in the Spellbound Shifters: Fates & Visions series. It was previously published in the Captivated anthology. If you love #whychoose romance, hot shapeshifters, and heroines who aren’t afraid to go for what they want, you’ll love Oracle Defiant! Embrace your inner bad girl by grabbing your copy today!

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Fae's Academy: A Why Choose Academy Romance

A hot panther-shifter, a dragon-shifting powerhouse, and a corrupt daemon.

What could they possibly want from me?

“Everything that I dreamt of in my wildest fantasies… and more”

I was an average light Fae, atleast that’s what I thought. When they tested my blood, my whole world changed...
My dream school turned into my worst enemy.

They have my family and will kill them if I don’t do exactly as they say.

I am sent to the Dark lands, full of dangerous creatures and sneaky tricksters just waiting to take advantage.

To make things worse, I need to deal with a sexy panther-shifter, a hot dragon-shifting teacher, who wants to get to know me inside out, and a ruthless demon, who will stop at nothing to make my life miserable.

How will a weak-blooded fae like me survive?

Fae’s Academy is a full-length reverse-harem with super steamy love scenes, great romance and NO CLIFFHANGERS! It has light bully themes and is meant for 18+ audience.


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