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When life leaves us broken:
The hope of purgatory

The painful truth is that I never knew my grandfather, at least in any way that a grandchild should. My grandfather went overseas to fight in the first world war, full of pride. But he returned, like so many other young men, broken in spirit. In the years after his marriage to my grandmother, life afforded him little opportunity beyond labour as a brick layer. He tried to be a man of faith, but with every bottle he drank, his sense of worth diminished. 

When his body finally became too tired to work, his waning years disappeared before the television screen, his mind consumed by his addiction. Whatever mercy he asked for in his final days, there is no doubt he carried tremendous pain to the grave...

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Speak out for those who cannot speak

Today Bishop McGrattan brings to your attention two important legislative matters currently before the House of Commons. Since they each represent a direct and worrisome challenge to human dignity and freedom, we need to speak out for those who cannot speak. This is the time to be informed, and to take action. Read more.

A response to Bill C7: We must do better!

The Catholic Church is clear about its position on medically assisted death or euthanasia: it contradicts our belief in the sanctity of life. Sr. Zoe Bernatsky speaks against the proposed Bill C7 and echoed the CCCB's plea that "We must do better!" to help the sick and the vulnerable who need assistance in living. Read more

For the little one who's gone before us

Michelle and Jason Widmeyer will light a candle for their little babe in heaven at the Memorial Liturgy for those mourning the loss of a child through miscarriage or stillbirth, on Friday, November 20, 7 pm at Sacred Heart Parish in Calgary. 

“I am looking forward to honouring our little one who has passed and gone to heaven and also gathering with others who’ve gone through the same thing,” said Michelle. 

The Widmeyers were excited to welcome their fifth child into their fold, until the couple received the difficult news that their baby did not have a heartbeat during an early-stage ultrasound scan this fall...

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God is never outdone in generosity

Eighteen years of volunteering at St. Anthony’s Church has not dimmed Angela Alexandre’s enthusiasm in serving her community. “I consider myself paid in full for anything I do," shares Angela, who experience God's bountiful generosity from her volunteer works in the parish. Read more

Father's Daughters

It is surprisingly common that couples have all sons or all daughters. What is less common is to welcome nine girls. But in 25 years, Jodean & Wayne have gotten increasingly used to the reality, even as it presents some of its own unique opportunities. Read Wayne's insight on a father's commitment to care and serve their children well. Read more

God is with us

“We watched students unite in knowing they are not alone in the struggles that they face. God is with them, and their struggles are not the first or last of their kind." Catholic school teacher Amanda Wildman shares how impactful faith is to her students gathered in a youth liturgical leadership retreat. Read more

The Rosary Sisters

What better way to teach Grade 1 students how to group by 10 and count to 50 other than making a rosary? When Cynthia Martin learned that her students still kept and prayed the rosaries they made in Grade 1, she made sure this life changing prayer continues to bless her school. Read more

Each November, 3500 crosses are erected in the Field of Crosses Memorial park along Memorial Drive in Calgary, paying tribute individually to the thousands of Southern Albertans who made the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedom. 

From November 1 - 10th you are invited to walk through the 5-acre memorial park. A candle will burn in front of each cross from Nov. 10 until sunrise Nov. 11, thanks to the hard work of the President’s Volunteer Team of St. Mary’s University and their dedicated volunteers across the Diocese. Visiting details here

This Remembrance day, take a moment of silence as we remember God’s promise of peace, and for all who have served and died to help bring peace to our world.  

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