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We've probably mentioned that it's Negroni's 100th birthday a few times this year. Well, instead of focussing on the classic cocktail itself, we thought you might be interested in learning a bit about what's happening to Vermouth, an ingredient that makes up one third of the Negroni. 

In 2018, we saw Vermouth top the trendiest of all trendy drinks lists. With the uptake in popularity, there have been great strides in Turin to put in place a system that promotes and maintains the quality of their Vermouth - which prompted the creation of "the consortium" (scroll on for the full details). We fully support these efforts. 

Though if you're looking for a locally sourced Vermouth, take a peak at Rouge Gorge Cider Vermouth. Made in Quebec from a cider base instead of a wine base, it's worth a taste test or two. 

Introducing the Consortium of Vermouth di Torino

Organizing Vermouth di Torino is great for everyone.

Meet the Consortium
Finding award-winning Canadian wines

We always keep an eye on wine awards announcements in an effort to pass the award-winning wines lists on to our readers. In June, we saw Niagara take home several awards from the Decanter World Wine Awards; and Lightfoot & Wolfville dominated the 2019 Atlantic Canadian Wine Awards were announced in July.   

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