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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." - Will Durant

Hi , as the last fews days of summer draw to a close, I hope you're feeling refreshed and ready for the last few months of the year.

As you might have seen on Friday, the Frankly Unstoppable India Retreat is now LIVE. I've added a couple of sections about Ayurveda and My Why - My Why is the reason I'm doing this trip and something which we all should work towards having - a why, a purpose for every decision we make and everything we do. Having a why helps us fulfil a task without getting side-tracked and keeps our focus on the goal. Since Spain, I've been reminding myself to "Focus on what you want" and by repeating this whenever I feel like I'm getting side-tracked has really kept me focussed and trusting in my endeavour. So much so, I already have 1 person booked on and I've only sent out a teaser of the trip so far! 🙌

If you're on the journey for self-improvement, have you set out a goal or goals? What's the purpose of being on this journey and what do you want to see happen? Take some time out and ask yourself these questions. Really try to understand why you are currently doing what you're doing and what you want to change. If there's not even a glimmer of a plan, nothing will change and like the quote says, to achieve excellence (take this lightly, we're not looking to conquer the world) it takes habit not just one act. This leads me on to taking small steps. My Spain retreat attendees all realise that now that they're back to daily life, the only realistic way to achieve their life goals is to take small steps. I always like to start with the things that bring you joy. Implement those first. 

The high you get from these will then feed the motivation for the harder actions but you must remain consistent and you must be kind to yourself. Doing too much too soon can also have an adverse affect - which we don't want. Understand your purpose (this can be a purpose for a task, not necessarily your purpose on this Earth) so for example, doing the food shopping, you may not want to go out, so do it online, you may not want to sit and think about the shopping list, procrastination builds and you put it off and order takeaway which doesn't make you feel good - reframe the food shopping thoughts to something with purpose such as "I want to get this done so that I have more time for xyz. I want to do this in the morning so that I have the rest of the day with my kids. I want to do the food shop so that there's food the house and I can experiment with a few new dishes etc etc." Re-frame the thought and find the tasks' purpose.


For those of you who would prefer something closer to home, the Mind+Body Wellness Weekend might just be the ticket. The first one is on 10th January (these will occur every other month) and it's perfect timing to really start the year off just the way you want it. 

We'll be staying at the stunning Combe Grove hotel in Bath and will have the Yoga hall all to ourselves for Pilates practice - with Kate from our Spain trip and the coaching. There is a spa on-site so you can also get pampered.


Secure your space with £100pp deposit and pay the balance 2 weeks before the trip! There are only 8 places available for this special weekend and I'm offering anyone who signs up by the end of October 2x 1:1 Complimentary* Coaching sessions post-weekend (worth £250) - these sessions are perfect to help you to further clarify your goals and dig a little deeper into your wants. *Applicable to fully paid guest only.

And here's a word from my sponsors 🤣...

“The group coaching was the thing I was most worried about as I’m not very good at talking about my feelings with the people closest to me let alone people I’d just met. Puja had a way of putting me at ease - I felt safe, un-judged and supported.” 

“The blend of physical activity and coaching allowed me to find the connection in me. One without the other wouldn’t have worked. Being prodded and poked to see and articulate our dreams was gentle and insightful. Definitely not a one size fits all.”

“I’ve also realised that it’s ok to be vulnerable and open and that’s part of the journey and allows me to be free and feel supported.”

“Opened up my heart and learnt to express it with others is a big progression of my confidence.”

Mind + Body Wellness Weekend

If you have any questions you can always reach out to me here by email or attend The Clarity Hour on 2nd October. Join me a for a bite and drink and get some clarity on your life goals for just £20!

P.S I've been a little naughty with my blog, sorry. I will have it all back up and running this week - so much exciting stuff happening!!!

Have a great week!

Lots of love

Puja x

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Defining Work-Life Balance
The Clarity Hour

Hosted once a month in London, The Clarity Hour cuts through all the wellness noise and helps you define what works for you and what you actually need to be doing in order for you to truly live well. 

Discount Code: CHM20

£20pp £35pp Non member
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Mind + Body Wellness Weekend
Re-set | Refocus | Re-energise

The Mind + Body Wellness Weekend is ideal if you have lots on your plate, are trying to juggle work and family life, trying to achieve your personal goals as well as improve your wellness . 

Discount Code: MBW100

£585pp £685pp Non member
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I want to let you know that this retreat in India is EXCLUSIVE to me. I am the first person who will be hosting a retreat of this kind at any of their hotels around the world. The price of the retreat is almost 50% less than what it would cost if you priced it up yourself. This is a real treat and mainly because of my relationship with the hotel company. Which means I'm able to offer you complete care and pampering at a very competitive rate.

7 Nights, 5* Ayurvedic Wellbeing Coaching Retreat
2-9 MARCH 2020
  • 5* Luxury Taj Bekal Kerala
  • Daily Yoga and Coaching 
  • Daily Ayurvedic treatments
  • All Delicious vegetarian meals
  • Located next to the beach

    Secure your space with £500pp deposit and pay the balance by end of January. Only 7 places left!

    Ayurvedic Retreat Details
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    I'm here for you hun.  

    Lots of love xx

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