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Sales Articles

5 Proven Sales Methods that Work

Ready to learn more about sales methodology?  Here are 5 proven methods that work!  Lets chat about some of the methods used in sales. Whether you’ve been in sales for a long time or you’re new, you’ve probably heard of a sales method or two. The reality, there are way too many to discuss them all here. It seems that every time we turn around someone is coming up with a new one that spins off another. That being said a few come up more frequently than others.  Here are the methods outlined in this article. 

-by Tom Libby - Diversified Sales Solutions, Inc.

Marketing Articles

Top 5 Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make Not Having a Plan

Promoting your business takes time, money and persistence. Without a plan any successes would be a result of luck. Luck is hard to track, change and reproduce. Every business needs a plan that can grow with their business and provide measurable benchmarks for evaluation.

-by Stacey Bruzzese - Final Details Marketing & Design

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