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Dear our friends and supporters,

First of all, we would like to thank you all to support the campaign calling Vietnam's National Assembly Standing Committee to ban wildlife trade and consumption. It is great to see about more than 20 national and international NGOs, along with more than 4500 individuals were willing to co-sign on the letter. Until now, although the goal for an official ban on wild trading and consuming has not been published, we still have got some heartening results. One is the latest-draft Directive to Prime Minister has covered the consumption issues. Another one is that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has listened to deal with problems of wildlife farms, auctioning confiscated wildlife & their products and laundering wild animals.

Once again, we would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all your support. And now, let's see how our team copes with the social distancing situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two masked palm civets are being safe now in our center

In the "chaotic" time of the Coronavirus, on the last day of Mar, two lucky Masked-Palm Civets have been rescued. They are both safe and sound in our center at current.

The otter is ready for rehabilitation

Due to the outbreak of pandemic, a quarantine camp was built in the Pumat National Park, opposite to our rescue center. Therefore, the safety of both animals and people is not completely guaranteed, especially for animals who are on the rehabilitation. These animals have been moved several days before the camp was set up. To deal with it, the disinfection activities take place more frequently; and all staff must strictly follow the bio-safety regulations.

Disinfection at Pumat Rescue Center

Pangolin reagularly health check

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Although the outbreak of the pandemic is increasingly complicated day by day, the animals are still under well care and bio-safety by dedicated keepers. Let see how the otter has been growing after 4 months with us, and ready to go home again. 

Updates about the baby and mother at Cuc Phuong Rescue

Not only affected by the pandemic but also the weather now is unpredictable. Summer has already arrived, with several sudden heavy showers. But sometimes, it covers with colds of the winter which are different from usual. Facing these obstacles and hypothesis about the pangolins related to the COVID-19, our captive team keeps doing well their daily tasks of taking care of the animals. For safety reasons, both keepers have to follow the longest shift than ever, two weeks intensively working then take a turn. This arrangement seems like a kind of distancing working in 14 days, to make sure the safety for both animals and people in the center if someone would be infected with the virus as in the advice of the government of social distancing against the pandemic.

Under the shift-care, a mother and the baby are staying healthy and enjoying life in the center.

Animals are always being cared and check health regularly.

Related to the Coronavirus outbreak, especially to the scientific efforts to trace its sources, SVW has been collecting samples from deceased pangolins and submitting to the pathologists, so far we are still waiting for the result. For the rest of the animals, they are always being cared and checked health regularly.

The materials of the school program is waiting for booming

The situation of Covid-19 pandemic is complicated, so the school program for preschool and elementary students in the buffer zone of Cuc Phuong National Park continues to be suspended, most likely to restart the program in the school year 2020 - 2021. However, the content of the program and teaching materials have been completed and ready to be implemented. It’s waiting for booming when the virus is defeated.

Board game materials are completed.

Species conservation

Online illegal wildlife trade investigation

SVW continues to monitor online illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam. There were at least 19 different small carnivore species observed in the online trade. The most recorded species or species groups are Leopard Cat, Ferret Badger species, Small Asian Mongoose, Common Palm Civet, and Small Indian Civet. Many Otters species. and Leopard cats are being sold online as pets. An Owston’s Civet trade has been encountered; the image of Owston’s Civet was posted on a trading group on November 14th, 2019.

Marking pangolin project

To distinguish whether pangolins are released by SVW or native pangolins through camera traps. The trail marking was conducted on three Sunda pangolin individuals in captivity in Cuc Phuong National Park, besides camera traps have been set up in the cages of these three individuals to monitor their activities, and their attitude to the after marking. We will evaluate effective marking methods and plan for the next months.

Site protection
Requiring a tight patrol plan with a huge effort against hunting and logging into the forest

Currently, due to the pandemic of Covid-19, many people return home from all the walks of the street. A lot of local people, now without jobs and income, they potentially log into the forest again for hunting. It may be just for entertainment during the pandemic or find something to serve their daily meals. Moreover, April and May are the seasons for turtles, bee-honey and fish hunting. Surely, this will require a tight patrol plan with a huge effort of the anti-poaching team to protect the forest and the site in which we released animals during the pandemic and the near future.

Traps were collected on the last patrol

An ordinary lunch in the forest

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Here are some highlights of the team's records in Mar 2020.

Organization Donors
7 Bridges Brewing Company National Zoo Australia
Action for Wildlife Organization Newquay Zoo
Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA) e.V. Not just bamboo
Alice C. Tyler Perpetual Trust Nurtured by Nature
Australian Volunteers OAK Foundation
Bosua by BOO Ocean Park Conservation Fund
Catkin Media Olsen Animal Trust
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Riverbanks Zoo & Garden
Xuân Mai Group Skyland Productions GmbH
Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund Synchronicity Earth
Croeni Foundation Taiwan Forestry Bureau
Denver Zoo Taronga Conservation Society Australia
Denver Zoo Explorer Post The Biodiversity Foundation
EAZA's Small Carnivore Taxon Advisory Group The Zoological Society of London
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands THU MINH and OTTO
Flying Pangolin Film TRỐNG ĐỒNG
Fortuna Hotel US Fish and Wildlife Service
Foundation SEGRÉ USAID Saving Species
Fresh house Vingroup
Friends of Tallinn Zoo Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V
Future For Nature Adward Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust
Global conservation force Wild & Free - Rehabilitation and Release
Global Wildlife Conservation Wild Planet Trust
Greater Goods WildAid
Highlands Coffee Wildlife Asia
Houston Zoo Wildlife Conservation Network
Humane Society International Wildlife Reserves Singapore
International Otter Survival Fund Wroclaw Zoo
Leibniz Institute For Zoo and Wildlife Research Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative
Minara Nature Foundation Life Science Diversity Foundation
Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund TH True Milk
Nashville Zoo The Mohamed bin Zayed
National Geographic Society
Individual donors via our website
A Amiri Emma Green Leonard Pietsch
Alina Gordon By C. Wick Erik Andersen Lianne
Alistair Leonard Erwin Klein Louisa Jaskulski
Amelia Bridgwater Evelyn Baron Lucia Cervantes
Andrew Puente Facebook M Jay
Angela Mcmaster Felicie Dhellemmes Margie Wiggins
Anita Clemens Felix Schlieszus Mariana Klein
Anna Clark Georgette Taylor Marie Rauscher
Anne Marie Lebas Georgina Steadman Marlayna Gehrking
Anne Sanderson Gerardo Sanchez Mary Scalone
Annie Beal Gillian Eichenberger Matthew Hart
Avery Seligman Grant Stewart Mcdermott Bruce
B A Murray Hannah Bancroft Meredith Bogisch
Barbara Roberts Harry Sullivan Michael Erb
Bibi Ho Hazel M Watts Milan Poliak
Bret Carlson Heather Johnson Nyani-Iisha Martin
Carol Cushing Helen Horsley Paul Beckett
Carole Ineichen Ho Yan Chung Peter Kettle
Cathy Granholm Ida Mynzhasova Peter Saam
Charles Gains Ingebjørg Fjose Peter Thomas
Christine Jones Isabel Hunter Rachel Doughty
Connor Mcbriarty Isabel Mason Rachel Probert
Coral Keegan Jac Draws Raphaela Eickhoff
Curt Zonick Janet Anderson Richard Roberts
Daniel Kuebler Jason Dare Robert Ring
Daniel Willcox Jeff Kennedy Roland Page
Danielle Davis Jennifer Peers Roman Sannikov
Daria Kosenko Jill Donovan Ruben Van Treeck
Davis Mixon Jillian Rutherford Sarah Kichas
Deborah Kramer Joseph Odom Shao Ju Shan
Deborah Worthington Josephine Timewell Simon Iveson
Diane Kadomoto Joshua Curnow Sophie Goult
Diep Le Julia Morrison Steven Drayton
Dinohoodie Julia Vidal Susan Earnshaw
Dirk Schils Julie C Morrow Susie Zassavitski
Donald Butler Kathleen Bevis Thai Nguyen
Dr.Zippelius Srl Unipersonale Kathleen Chopin Theodore Stankowich
Edith Vella Katie Lorraine Mccarthy Thomas Mauer
Elisabeth Key Kenneth Yip Tonantzin D'Rodriguez
Eliza Mitchell Kevin O'Connell Valeri Hedges
Elizabeth Forde Kirsten Winstead Valerie Anderson
Elizabeth Williamson Kristine Stacy-Shimalla Walter Koczot
Emily Milder Laura Edwards
Individual donors via other channels
1. Nguyen Trong Quan 2. Alec Jung
Volunteers coming in Mar 2020

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the volunteer program in our rescue center has been suspended.


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