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In times of change, learners inherit the earth,
while the learned find themselves
beautifully equipped to deal with a world
that no longer exists.

~ Eric Hoffer

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Postcard From Barbara

Need Ideas? Dig Here

Ponder This

Postcard From Barbara

A woman in my seminar waited for the other participants to leave before she came to tell me about the new ideas she’d gotten during our time together. Then she said, “I used to work for a company that sent us to regular training programs that were deadly dull. I’d come out feeling dumber than when I went in.”

It’s a story I’ve heard repeatedly—and it’s a sad one. Learning should be a pleasure, not a punishment. Adding to our knowledge banks should go on forever.

I was reminded of this when Dixie Darr shared her experience with her Facebook friends. She says:

“I've taken a circuitous route through life, with eccentric interests, oddball jobs, and curious relationships. The organizing principle is lifelong learning, so I suppose it wasn't surprising that I chose to earn a master's degree in Adult Education. 

“Two books by Ron Gross, The Lifelong Learner and The Independent Scholar's Handbook, had captivated my imagination because I wanted to learn everything, and I preferred to do it on my own. 

“I have found that one interest inevitably leads me to a number of related mini projects. In fact, the independent scholars' motto is ‘One thing leads to another.’”

One of the great bonuses of the Joyfully Jobless Journey is that it gives you an excuse to be a lifelong learner. Not only do you get to design your own curriculum, you also can get a tax deduction. Those are terrific job benefits!

Become a voluntary student. 

The options are endless thanks to the Information Age. However, as some visionaries have pointed out, we’re moving on to the Idea Age. Lifelong learning will certainly be a big part of that, but we need to go beyond a quick Google search.

Reading that inspires us to experiment is a fine companion for the Idea Age. Learn. Test. Learn some more.

So is putting yourself in the presence of other idea seekers. As Richard Branson wisely points out, “Innovation is what you get when you get up from behind your desk and see where ideas and people lead you.”

Need Ideas? Dig Here

Change the scenery, put yourself in a room where ideas are zooming around, meet some kindred spirits, get practical power tools for building a better business. 

It’s not too late to join us for What Would an Entrepreneur Do? Moving Forward During Crazy Times coming up in Scottsdale, AZ on June 9 & 10. 

However, if you’d like to save a bit of money, don’t miss the early registration which is ending on Thursday, May 25. (Of course, if you wait and pay full price you’ll get a bigger tax deduction.)

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Ponder This

I stumbled across this quote from Rebirthing in the New Age, a book written in 1977. It is still worth contemplating.

Let’s take a look at the priorities on which people spend their money. What comes first?The rent and this is the worst investment on the list. Compare rent to self-improvement. You buy a book and get to keep the information forever. 

The fact is that self-improvement is the most valuable item of your budget and most people don't even have a category for it. 

When you say, “I don’t have enough money to go to that seminar, or buy that book," it’s almost like saying, “I am not a good investment.”

The best way to make money is to invest in yourself and that is what self-improvement is all about. 

So take a look at re-doing your budget and making self-improvement the top priority.

Buon Viaggio,  

Barbara Winter

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