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Will bill 23 solve the housing crisis? +

Most experts actually agree that this bill won't help. The bill is land and labour intensive and by passing on development costs to municipalities, won't help to make housing more accessible. You can learn more by clicking the button below and watching the video.

Experts discuss bill 23
Do we need to develop the greenbelt? +

Again, experts agree that we do not need the land. The Government claims otherwise but these facts have been debunked. In fact, the Ontario Housing Affordability Taskforce explains in their recent report that there are no need to develop the greenbelt and that it is in fact counterproductive to solve the current housing crisis.

Read the Ontario Housing Affordability Taskforce report
Has there already been impacts? +

Yes. The Government has already walked over Hamilton's decision to not extend their urban boundaries, a decision that had been taken at the municipal council level after successful campaigns from citizens and grassroot groups.

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