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Shevat 5779 Edition 30

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Marriage Focus

1) Having a great marriage does not require you and your partner to be the same or have the same interests; all you need is to learn how to focus on his merits and appreciate the positive side of his unique personality.

2) Believe in your spouse! Trust them! Accept them for what they are and don’t try to change them!  If you do this, your relationship will flourish and they will always be there for you!

3) Your spouse needs your attention and focus. There needs to be a time each day when you block out everything else and are focused on them alone.

4) If you expect to be respected, you have to be worthy of that respect.

5) Women like to be independent, but you really need your husband.  Realize that, think about it and tell him so. The more you realize that you need each other, the closer you will be.

6 )“Giving in” does not denote weakness. A good wife puts her husband’s needs before her own, just as a queen is empowered to put the needs of her subjects before her own.

7) Generally, disagreements between spouses are really a lack of understanding of the other person’s needs and priorities. Listen well to what he is saying and discover his point of view. Learn to appreciate it and respect it.

8) Generally, differences of wants and needs can be worked out through healthy communication.  You just have to learn how to speak to each other effectively.

9) You need a Rav or Mashpia to guide you.  Don’t be ashamed to ask that person for advice.

10) Make a point of living your life together. Share the events of the day, your emotions and feelings, your successes and some of your disappointments with each other.

In Awe of Marriage

Rabbi Manis Friedman

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