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This email is a continuation of our email series on life after the coronavirus and decision making during uncertain times.


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Why are doctors more stressed and uncertain during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, I am stressed, and yes, I am worried. That was my answer when my wife woke me up in the morning, passing the tea and asking me if I should take a medication to calm down.

I am not worried about what happens; I am concerned if we, as a country, as a family or at work, are making the right decisions. I am not worried about the choice; I am concerned about the decision-making process. She looked at me and said, "ha, what are you talking about?"

I told her I am a doctor; I am responsible for guiding my fellows in addition to my social responsibility too. I am working at the front lines at the outpatients clinics and hospitals. Every day I am coming home with the risk of carrying contamination. Not only that, but I also am responsible for taking care of you and the kids, and I am responsible for my greater family.

So, again I am not worried about whatever happens if I make the right decision. I am conscientious about making sure that we are following the proper decision-making process. And that goes for every level, country, work, and family.

After our conversation, I started to think again about the relationship between stress and my job? Should or are doctors worried or stressed more of the pandemic?

I started exploring the idea of the relation between knowledge, stress, and uncertainty.

I came up with two graph models that depict such relation

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