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Postcard From Barbara
Wonder What All the Fuss is About?
Got a Dream That Needs Funding?

Postcard from Barbara

Nobody is more surprised than I am that my newsletter, Winning Ways, is beginning its thirty-first year of publication. Although it’s been my constant companion since 1986, it wasn’t my first excursion into newsletter creation. 

Let me tell you about the olden days.

When I started my first business, The Successful Woman, I decided to publish a newsletter to share resources. I’m still uncertain where that idea came from since I knew very little about newsletters, much less about how to produce such a thing.

What I did know was that change is more apt to succeed when it has a champion. I wanted to be the champion for women who had not been given tools for personal growth and awareness.

And so I started down this path. I was living in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin at the time and wrote my newsletter on my clanky electric typewriter. Then I’d spend a day at my local print shop in Madison retyping it on their fancy IBM Selectric. For several years, one of my wildest dreams was to acquire my very own Selectric and eventually I did. In fact, I wrote the first edition of Making a Living Without a Job on that blue beauty.     

In 1993, I purchased my first Macintosh computer. Reluctantly. Eventually, I became a raving Apple fan. That wasn’t the only big change in my business, of course. I had shifted gears a decade after starting The Successful Woman and refocused on self-employment. In many ways, the women who came to my seminars were responsible for that change in direction.

The majority of those participants were frustrated in their jobs, but determined to succeed despite the sexist environments in which they worked. I began to wonder why these smart and creative women didn’t just strike out on their own. I knew, of course, that this was a radical notion for most of them—and for most men as well.

When I made the shift to talking about self- employment, a newsletter was a natural part of that teaching. 

On the eve of this new milestone, I began going through back issues of this newsletter. I’m quite sure that I’m the only person who owns a complete set of them. According to my rough estimate, I’ve written approximately 1,096,200 words for those issues and I find myself getting lost in them whenever I go hunting through them.

Whatever has kept me going? I think there are a number of answers to that question. I am, of course, a voracious reader and can’t bear to keep treasures to myself. As the Internet has caused an information explosion, I thought I could save time and confusion for others by curating and weeding out the distractions and the snake oil. 

Of course, I never forget that change is smoother with a champion. Moving from employee to entrepreneur is only the first change in the Joyfully Jobless Journey. Change is a constant when you’re self-employed and without reinforcement and encouragement, it can been daunting. 

As self-employment became more popular, so did the amount of information about it. Formulas began to blanket the Internet and libraries. Webinars selling the secret to a six-figure income appeared with regularity. It often reminded me of the boring duplication model used by big businesses that began to blanket the globe with their look alike stores and inventories. Seems to me that anyone dreaming about working for themself wasn’t interested in becoming a clone. 

Overlooked in this explosion was the important role that inspiration and creative thinking plays in building a business. It’s what kept me going all these years—and what I pass along in each issue of Winning Ways.    

After all, building a business is a combination of evolution and creativity. Connecting with others on this same journey makes it truly joyful. As Stephen King pointed out, “If you can do it with joy, you can do it forever.”

Wonder What All the Fuss is About?

I am both humbled and astonished at the number of Winning Ways subscribers who have been with me for more than twenty years. Not so surprising is that these folks have created businesses that also are accumulating longevity.

If you’ve been a longtime subscriber, you may have noticed that I haven’t raised subscription prices for many years despite printing costs nearly doubling and numerous postage hikes. While that, of course, means I’ve lowered my profits, I am also committed to supporting your business by keeping this affordable. Even as I write this, I know it sounds a bit daft, but every time I contemplate raising my rates, my intuition advises against it. 

Whether you’ve been a subscriber for a month or for many years, thank you so much for sharing the Joyfully Jobless Journey. As our numbers grow, we make it easier and easier for others to discover the freedom and joy that comes from making a living without a job. You may never know how you inspire others. Thanks for being part of that.

If you haven’t been receiving this bi-monthly love letter in your mailbox, I invite you to join me. Just click on the link below and get aboard. I’ll even send you a copy of the January/February issue as a bonus. 

Winning Ways

Got a Dream That Needs Funding?

Although I was not familiar with WeWork, I got quite excited when I saw this interview with one of founders on CBS This Morning. You might be a perfect candidate for one of these grants. 

In an attempt to empower entrepreneurs, WeWork is launching the Creator Awards, offering $20 million in grants across the globe. According to WeWork CEO Adam Neumann, “anybody that feels that being part of something larger than themselves and really wants to contribute” can apply.

“The idea is to recognize anyone in the world who’s doing amazing things. It might not be the traditional person that would win an award or be recognized regularly and have access to this kind of cash,” Neumann said Thursday on “CBS This Morning.”

You can watch the interview now and find out more about this innovative program.

Buon Viaggio,  

Barbara Winter

P.S. On occasion, I may receive a commission or compensation when you participate or purchase a product or service I recommend. That being said, I strive to always offer useful content and resources in each issue of Joyfully Jobless News. 


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