Why self-determination is vital for Indigenous communities to beat coronavirus

[Aileen Marwung Walsh and Laura Rademaker, The Conversation]

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people know very well the challenges of dealing with infectious diseases introduced from overseas to which the people have no immunity.

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The story of Aboriginal resistance warrior Pemulwuy

[Jai McAllister and Alexis Moran, ABC]

As reflection on the impact of first contact and subsequent colonisation continues, there have been renewed calls to recognise those at the forefront of Aboriginal resistance.

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Don’t silence us! Territory Indigenous communities call for election plan rethink

[by Vanessa Farrelly]

Territory Indigenous communities have criticised the Gunner Government’s insistence that the election should proceed on August 22, saying the current conditions will deny Aboriginal people a voice in the poll.

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Applying science and Indigenous knowledge to remote billabong water quality assessment

[by Tony Jupp]

The Yangbala Rangers were set up to support more than 200 young people, mostly women, of southeast Arnhem Land to engage in on-country land management work and cross-cultural learning.

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