Home is Where the Imagination Is!

All of us want someplace we can truly call home—a place we can identify with as where we’re from, or where we belong, even if we can’t stay there. I believe it’s an integral part of who we are as humans to long for a home. God probably instilled this in us at the beginning as an inseparable part of our nature. Our longing for an earthly home echoes our much deeper longing for the heavenly home waiting for us. 

I've moved around a lot in my life, having lived in the Midwest, New England, the South, and even Germany for a time. I've yet to find that one place that I'd love to settle into and never leave--that one place where I feel like I belong more than any other.

That sense of longing made its way into my series, and though it wasn't intentionally done at the time, I can see it now looking back. Morganne and Elowyn were born in Tyroc, but it wasn't home. They were always on the fringes of society, and always at the mercy of their eccentric, overly controlling mother. As they journeyed beyond Tyroc's walls they found different places along the way that were comfortable, but it wasn't until they reached Minhaven that they found a true home, and a community to which they could belong. It was my gift to them, and in a way a gift to myself. Who says writers can't sometimes live vicariously through their characters?

The World of My Imagination: Minhaven

Minhaven itself was inspired by the game world from which my characters originated. There was a town called Minoc, which was I think intended to be a great place to mine since some of the mining area was protected by game-generated town guards. In reality it was overcrowded--mostly with newbies and those who wanted to prey on them. It was not the most profitable place to go for a skilled miner, nor the most interesting for anyone else. It was more a jumping off point for bigger adventures elsewhere. But the little town did have a kind of homey feel, at least to me. It had a very large tavern on its northern edge, and a building with healers to the south.

Aside from that, I don't think my version of Minhaven much resembles the original. I gave my village a distinct history and culture, infused with the realities of living in a remote wilderness in a medieval era. I did quite a bit of research into mining and smelting practices of the day. I was surprised to find that miners were often allowed to operate outside of the Feudal system. They had independent rights that others did not, and so I gave MInhaven a special status in the Sovereign's realm; not governed by a Feudal Lord, but by a community proud of its independence and driven to preserve it.

Camp Update

We're well into Camp Nano month, and I'm struggling through, but making progress. I'm about half way to my 10,000 word goal. Admittedly some of that total is made up of notes and outlining, but that's OK--it's all part of the process. I really want to make my goal, so it's time to push even harder through these last 11 days. 

Again, feel free to encourage, nag, poke, and continually harass me to keep me accountable to my goal. Prayer is always welcome too! :)

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The Big Sleep (Book One: Dreamwalkers)

Thirty years after the Greymen caused the decimation of her people, high school drop out Rain Collins spends her days learning to pickpocket and hold her booze. Yet she longs for the freedom and adventure of the Dreamwalkers of the past.

When the Greymen return and send her world into a second Big Sleep, Rain discovers her own innate powers and finds the epic adventure she has always sought.

But she soon learns that the dangers of the dream world are far greater than she ever expected.

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Allison D. Reid, Christian Fantasy Author