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Happy New Year! With 2020 well underway, we're all, no doubt, working on those New Year's Resolutions. Have you resolved to be more environmentally conscious in the coming year? After the world-wide climate strikes of 2019, it's hard not to think about how our actions affect the climate. Lucky for us, winemakers around the world are stepping up their games so that we can all reduce our carbon footprint, one glass of wine at a time. 

Reduce your carbon footprint one glass at a time

Wineries around the world have become more environmentally conscious.

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There’s a shift to whole-site licensing at festivals

Designated areas for consuming alcohol are common at events and festivals across Canada. Yet the notion of caging people up in a confined area such as a beer garden and not letting them out until they have consumed as much as they can is outdated and encourages binge drinking.

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