The International Tribunal for Natural

Justice has Published its

First Interview

with a Targeted Individual!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Greetings, everyone.  

Some of you may remember that in June, I sent notice of the formation of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) to address the issues of pedophilia and human trafficking.  Since some of the leadership of this tribunal were familiar with our issues, I felt there was a chance that our issues would also be featured in their agenda. 

And apparently, after the notice in June, they were contacted by a number of TI's from the community, some of whom have now been filmed and interviewed.  

And so now, I have just been informed that the ITNJ has published its first interview and press release with a targeted individual: Kevin Burnor, a TI from Massachusetts. 

Keri Burnor who some of you are familiar with, is his niece and is also a TI and has likewise given testimony to the Tribunal, although that interview has not yet been published.  

I first met Kevin in 2006 in Washington, DC at our first rally and set of meetings with congressional officials.  He is someone that is severely tortured.  His torture was so severe that he fled the country and spent years traveling abroad in search of a safe place to live.  He only returned to the US after Donald Trump was elected in hopes of better times for TI's.  According to the video, he has 19 microchip implants.  

Let us hope that the Tribunal can shed much-needed light on these horrific human rights abuses. Below is Kevin's testimony:   

Expect Great Things in 2018!

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