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FL NOW Council Meeting

Mark Your Schedule to Join Us

Sunday August 23, 2020 

1 pm - 4 pm

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Bear Atwood will serve as Parliamentarian for the Council meeting. She will be sending out an agenda in advance. If you would like to add an item on the agenda please email us at:

NOW's Purpose

NOW’s purpose is to take action through intersectional grassroots activism to promote feminist ideals, lead societal change, eliminate discrimination, and achieve and protect the equal rights of all women and girls in all aspects of social, political, and economic life.

Current FL NOW Board

The five FL NOW Board members have been working hard as we adjust to the changes of 2020! Our board has collectively been impacted by illness, hospitalizations, being an essential worker,  and having family members impacted, and die of Covid 19.  We are proud of the work we have done to stand for National NOW's Statement of purpose.  We are the 5 that called for Toni Van Pelt to resign, and we solidly believe that is 100% the right call. We look forward to your support as move forward with important work our NOW Core issues are all about!

Kim Porteous She/Her/Hers
FL NOW President

I am unapologetically passionate about standing for Intersectional Feminism, NOW Core Issues and Empowering Intersectional Leaders.

Melina Rayna Barratt She/Her/Hers
FL NOW Legislative Director

Melina was not only FL NOW's first transgender woman to serve on the board, she just made Florida history in becoming the first Transgender person to qualify to run for the Florida Senate! We are so excited to be part of her historic journey. 

Check out her story:

Linda Guillotti She/Her/Hers
Acting Treasure / Membership Co Chair

I hope to see the future of FL NOW as one where there are never moments of discriminatory actions. That includes actions that with or without intent hurt as if the incident were the hundredth paper cut one receives because that is exactly how they are felt. I hope to see a Florida NOW that no matter what race or identity one has, they will automatically know that they are welcome, respected, and loved. I want FL NOW and NOW as a whole, to heal, grow, and expand, in mind, body, and spirit. I believe that together we can do so much more to fight against those who want us to be divided so that they can maintain their power, at our expense. I am a Latinx lesbian survivor leader, social work student, who seeks to gain a place at the table, not just for me, but for those who have suffered like me and yet more for those who have struggled more than me. I will bring my tenacity to Florida NOW as I always have, my talents as a community organizer, and my exceptional resilience to fight for a just world.

Pamala Wilson She/Her/Hers
Communications Director

I am invested in building a future NOW that is deeply committed to being an INTERSECTIONAL feminist organization. Our work should always reflect the understanding that true inclusion embraces the complex relationships that exist between gender, race, and the other ways in which discrimination happens, whether it’s based on age, socioeconomic status, ability, gender or sexual identity, religion, or ethnicity. We need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable while facing the ways in which our place in the world contributes to the marginalization of others and work together to redefine outdated models of feminist ideals. I am excited about who we are becoming.

Pamala Wilson
Communications Director
Florida NOW

Kathy Mayo She/Her/Hers
Membership Co Chair

I'm excited to be involved with Florida NOW as it embraces societal change and expands our commitment to equality. We are stepping up our activism and challenging our members to do more.

NOW PAC of Florida NOW

Nicolette Springer and Cynthia Harris are leading the FL NOW PAC

Thank you for your support during this transition and we are excited about all our the endorsed Candidates!

Joi Dean- She/Her/Hers
College NOW President

Joi and her board are cooking ups some tasty plans to educate, organize and activate intersectional feminist! Joi and College NOW has so much to teach us! 

The FL NOW Members running to fill the FL NOW Board Vacancies

Running For FL NOW 

Vice President 

Cynthia Harris


Cynthia Harris has Proven Grassroots Intersectional NOW Leadership. She has stood for FL NOW and all our core issues. She has been doing the work of FL NOW Leadership and we are excited to have her run for the Vice President.

Pre Session Legislative Committee Lobbying

January 2020
Orlando Women's March Speaker

Running For FL NOW


Lakey Love


Lakey Love has been an Intersectional NOW leader in Tallahassee and celebrates their privilege of having Barbara DeVane as a mentor. They have lead FL NOW in legislative actions this year and FL NOW's QTNB+ (Queer, Trans, Non Binary+) task force. Lakey is excited to bring their leadership to our Intersectional Grassroots Organization.   Lakey is currently running  to serve as a Nation NOW board member for the Southern District.

Running For FL NOW

Tanja Vidovic


 I believe I am in a position to help, with a strong voice who has been vocal in the past and is wanting and willing to be vocal and fight for the rights of ALL women. I want to work to make NOW welcoming, and to work for the rights of ALL women, that includes our sisters of color and our transgender folks. I am proud of and believe in the FL NOW leadership and I hope to help in any way I can.
Tanja Vidovic

Florida NOW Growing Intersections

Look forward to hearing from some of our task force leadership!

Robin Harris She/Her/Hers

Racial Justice Intersection

Ari Dennis They/Them/Theirs

QTNB+ (Queer, Transgender, Non Binary+) Intersection 

Kathryn Lane She/Her/Hers

QTNB+ (Queer, Transgender, Non Binary+) Intersection

Tara Pretends Eagle Weber She/Her/Hers

End Violence Intersection

Christine Griffin She/Her/Hers

FL NOW Action Fund

Deb Darcy She/Her/Hers

FL NOW Chapter Liaison 

Charlotte Davis She/Her/Hers

Economic Justice Intersection 

Amy Weintraub She/Her/Hers & Nicolette Springer She/Her/Hers

Reproductive Rights Intersection 

Florida National Organization for Women

P.O. Box 1281, New Port Richey, FL 34656
FL 32903 United States

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