Greetings, my friends,

I write to you from the hazy depths of a Texan heat wave.

This weather is not to be trifled with.

It is a dastardly, dangerous villain.

But I carry on.

Still working on book 2 of the new series. Crossed the halfway mark on the rough draft recently, thanks to the breakneck pace I've maintained in July.

It's not hard to spend time indoors at the computer in such blistering weather.

I've also been working with an artist on covers for the new series. Seeing a vision of your stories come to life before your eyes is always a wondrous experience. I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

For this week's book recommendations, I've got two:


My friends at Sci-Fi Bridge just released a new all-original anthology of stories. With a foreword from none other than Kevin J Anderson, author of many Dune books and other fantastic tales.

The universe is a dangerous, wondrous place—travel a Bridge Across The Stars to explore it.

Next up...

If you'd prefer a novel, a deeper escape you can dive right into, I recommend David Alastair Hayden's space opera series, Fall of the Benevolence.

It hits one of my favorite sci-fi themes—the concept of the Ancients.

They were highly advanced. They died out.

What did they leave behind?

Read Forbidden System to learn about secrets that will shape humanity's future.

With luck, one of these stories will brighten your corner of the world this week.

Take care,

- M.G. Herron

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