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A personal view from the editor…

In the four and a half years since Last Chance Hotel appeared on my radar, the Facebook group has doubled its membership, undoubtedly a consequence of increased and well deserved recognition of the charity’s hard work and dedication, pushing boundaries in dog rescue, and always being there for any poor soul that comes under its wing. Experience, commitment, and a passion for animal welfare are a worthy combination, and team LCH has that in spades, each and every volunteer giving their time freely, for love. Cruelty and neglect of dogs and other animals continues as ever, on a local and national scale; the frontline LCH team members deal with this and other urgent requests for help on a daily basis, - only a fraction of cases are posted on social media.

Whilst increased recognition of LCH has resulted in ever more assistance being sought by the local community, on top of the out of county pound pullers and other rescues, so I would personally hope that increased support can work to counteract the inevitable negative impact on the charity’s resources, both financial and human. Generous-hearted animal lovers will always vastly outnumber cruel, selfish animal abusers; many people joining together with a small act of kindness each are capable of producing inspiring positive results.

Such is the power of the collective spirit, and the power of love for man’s best friend.

Heading into Autumn with the 39th edition of our newsletter, read about hero Reggie, catch up with the Sanctuary latest, and meet team member yours truly…. along with all our regular features.

New Arrivals

Ena has landed

Look at this face.... this dear girl has landed with team member Lisa Chambers and family. She is virtually blind, caused by scar tissue from an untreated infection; she struggles for breath because of a collapsing larynx, and if that isn't enough she has just had all her teeth removed. Ena was a breeder's money making machine. Our vet initially thought that she was about 15, but no, she is just 5 years old.... her life stolen from her by her ex owner who wanted rid of her when her worn out body and her health problems became a nuisance. Ena deserves a chance of a better life. We have 2 choices here - firstly, palliative care, care for her until the larynx completely collapses which is anytime soon .... or secondly, she has an operation, in the hope that her larynx won't get any worse (it certainly won't get better) but even the op is no guarantee that the larynx won't collapse ... but it may buy her a couple more years of life ... pain free.

We are going ahead with the operation, which will cost approximately £1400. If she was old, we would rethink, but she isn't, she is 5. This sweet soul was passed on by her ex owner and had three homes in three days before we offered her space.... Ena is now safe and loved. 

If you could help with her vet bill, we would be very grateful. Please mark your donations 'Ena' if you can. Thank you.

STOP PRESS: Ena's operation is booked for 17th November. Her foster mum has just sent this latest update as we go to press: "She’s really settling in now and her breathing is much calmer, quieter and less laboured as she’s more relaxed. Phew.
She’s losing weight and is now bending sideways to clean her back legs and rear end, which she couldn’t do before. And she’s starting to be able to have a little curl up as she sleeps (again, she couldn’t do because of her weight).
She’s enjoying her walks more, eating well and is still pooping wherever the feeling takes her! "


Marley is a 3 year old Bulldog, looking for a breed savvy foster/forever home. Marley has snapped, so he cannot go into a home with children, not even visiting ones. He needs someone who will continue his training with guidance from our behaviourist /trainer. Marley is still waiting for his special someone.

Marmite, a pretty young lurcher, was a happy soul until she lost her best canine buddy, then she changed a little and became guardy with her owners, so was handed to rescue. She is now in foster, under assessment.

Zeus is 9 years old, an American Bulldog, now in a lovely foster home, and his skin allergy is being treated by our vets.

Bob is a private rehome, an 8 year old Lab x Staffie. He has not been assessed by LCH; we are told that he lives with children and another dog, but he doesn't like cats. Bob needs ongoing recall training.

You can find more information on our other dogs by visiting our website pages: for foster or for adoption. Also our Facebook page.

Waggy Tail Endings

A lot of hard work goes into home checking, and matching prospective adopters with the right pooch. But sometimes things just fall into place with a little less effort. When the Ripleys applied for a home check in August, they had no particular dog in mind, they just wanted to give a rescue dog a loving home. By the time their home check had been carried out, Gus and Freddie had popped up on our adopt list, and they were interested in this cute pair. Gus and Freddie had formed a very strong bond when they met in foster, and we were asking for a home which would take them together, not always easy to find. A home check pass, a few telephone calls later, and within a week a successful meet and greet with Gus and Freddie, resulting in their adoption. A very happy waggy tail ending for everyone!

We are often called upon to help with private rehomes, and recently two separate JRTs were looking for a different sofa to snooze on. Both Charlie and Max now have new families, thanks to LCH.


Sunday 20th October - 10am - 4pm. Last Chance Hotel Autumn Fayre and Dog Show at Crofthandy Village Hall TR16 5JQ

Friday 25th October  7.15pm start. Quiz Night at Lanivet Parish Community Centre, Rectory Road, Lanivet, PL30 5HG. Would anyone in the Bodmin area like to test their grey matter in aid of LCH and the local minibus appeal?

More information on our website Events page.


Reggie to the Rescue!

Last Chancer Reggie, pictured here having a contented snooze, is a much loved member of the Bingley family. But now he is more than that, he is a hero. Recently, a fire broke out in one of the bedrooms, and Reggie alerted his human mum to the danger even before the fire alarm went off. A candle had set fire to some clothes; Reggie's dad Martin burnt his hand taking it down and outside, and Reggie had to check thoroughly that he and everyone else in the household was ok, reluctant to leave his dad's side. Thankfully not much damage was done, and no one was badly hurt, but without Reggie on full alert, there could have been a very different outcome.

Well done Reggie!!

Christmas is coming...

Looking for something special for your festive decorations? How about these beautiful 'knitivity scenes', created with love by a fab supporter of LCH, who knits all sorts of things. You can find them in our Hub Shop in Redruth.

The fab Kd Kelly of The Dog House, Helston has initiated another Christmas Shoebox Appeal, for rescue dogs, with various drop off points around Cornwall. If you would like to contribute, pop along to our events website page for more details.

Sanctuary News

A Batty Surprise

Sam Nutt moved on to High View Farm Sanctuary in May this year, and has proved to be a valuable team member and bat carer extraordinaire. Along with LCH founder Sam, and Dave Franks, they have cared for and rehabilitated hundreds of bats since the beginning of this year. Here Sam N tells a story of one particularly unusual day on the farm......

Phone rings - It's Dave Franks. RSPCA have brought in a bat. He's just setting everything up, could I be there in 5 mins. Tea goes in the sink, chuck dogs in their various spaces and I'm out the door.

Everything is ready. Box, scales, handling cloths, gloves, 2 lots of water, meds, paintbrush, pen, sticker etc. Bat is a cat attack I'm told and no noises have been heard from the box. Have to steel myself a bit, in case bat is critically injured or already dead. Deep breath.. last look round to make sure all doors are closed and gingerly open the box. Peering in, I can see a shadow. Moving the tea towel a little I see... the biggest goddamn bat finger and tip of wing I've ever seen!

Hastily closing the box, I take a step back and look at Dave.. What the hell is that?! Oh no, it's going to be a Noctule.. the biggest UK bat. I've never seen one, never met one, never handled one and if he's alive, this one is going to be somewhat irritated !

At this point, my bum is flapping like a flag in a hurricane, heart hammering but I'm doing my best to project calm confidence. This is Sam B'Stard's working day, so there is just me, Nurse Dave and a giantass bat.

Another deep breath. Open the box again. Gently move the teatowel another millimetre.. Bat isn't moving.. move the towel again, still no movement. Heart starts to sink. Hang on.. That wing is shiny, definitely odd looking, I look at Dave, look at the bat.. back to Dave.. Lift the box into better light.. Look at Dave again and see the teeniest of twitches on his face.

You absolute rotten, (censored by the ed, let's say 'annoying scoundrel') !!!

Please meet Baron Von BatterDave.. because he was used to batter Dave....

You have to admire his dedication, -  it's taken him weeks to plan, saving the RSPCA box, finding the right bat. Waiting for a day Sam wasn't here and our usual Bat Fantastic Transporter Fiona wasn't available. Grrrrrr!!

Hope you're fully recovered now from the shock, Sam, you'll be on your guard now with that prankster Dave...

Meet the Team!

I thought it was time I introduced myself. My name is Glo and I edit the newsletter amongst other things for LCH

I first came across Last Chance Hotel in late Spring 2015 when the charity took part in the green token scheme at Asda Penryn. As a lifelong animal lover, I added my few discs to the growing pile after reading the brief description of the charity’s work. Through the summer I thought long and hard about fostering and after much discussion with my husband, we applied. We already had a very much loved rescue dog, but also a cat, and it was some time before the right pooch came along that would fit in. Abbie came to us in December, a frightened, poorly girl, the worst of five breeding spaniels rescued in early November from a puppy farm, and I spent the next 3 weeks downstairs with her, sleeping on a makeshift bed on the floor to help her settle in and get used to me.

Not long afterwards we ‘failed’, and made our home hers for the rest of her life. She always was beautiful, even more so now...

Almost all the people I knew or spoke to had never heard of Last Chance Hotel, so I wanted to spread the word, to help more vulnerable dogs find the loving homes they deserved, and the charity gain more support, and set the ball rolling for some fundraising and awareness local to my home near Falmouth. 

I was also entrusted with the simple job of LCH posters, and then, by coincidence, a monthly newsletter was suggested at the same time that I had been considering putting the idea forward. I opted to have a bash at that, deciding later to produce a hard copy which could be distributed to the newly opened Hub Shop in Redruth and other outlets such as dog groomers and our vets. At this point I had no idea how to go about these things, and if someone had told me 6 months earlier that before long I would be designing leaflets and posters, writing newsletters and media adverts, updating and expanding a website, and creating videos for the LCH Facebook page, I would have told them to pull the other one. Both my career choices were self taught, and here I was again learning new skills at retirement age. Volunteering for LCH has not only given me the opportunity to stretch the little grey cells, but also be a small part of a brilliant team who do so much to help animals in their hour of need and beyond. As I also work from home, semi-retired, I am able to fit my varied LCH workload around this. 

A year ago hubby and I felt that we and our two girls were ready to foster again, and failed yet again with little Rosie, another puppy farm girl, who had bonded immediately with Abbie. Our three pooches keep me active with a daily walk and/or playtime, depending on the Cornish weather! I also dabble in a bit of conventional poetry, and last year produced a little book called ‘Rescues in Rhyme and Other Pooch Poems’ to raise funds for LCH, - there are a few copies left, - Christmas present anyone?

Thank you!

Bandana Bonanza

A massive thank you to Sally Hudson for this wonderful donation of monies raised, collars, coat and bandanas.

Houndsinpounds for LCH

Another auction run by the fab team of Houndsinpounds raised the magnificent sum of £205. Thank you so much Allison and Jean for your hard work for rescues everywhere.

Warming up the bats

Grateful thanks to Carol Judd, Kathryn Budge, Paula Phillips, Anne White and Steve Wingfield, and others, who responded so quickly to our appeal for heat mats for the bats in our care at High View Farm Sanctuary. The bats will be warm as toast now!

Facebook Fundraisers!

A big thank you to Michelle Jeffery and her mum Daphne for thinking of LCH for their birthdays, we hope you both had a fab time!

Facebook fundraisers are a fab way to raise funds for our animals in need, and we are always very grateful to those who turn their special day into something special for LCH. 

Holsworthy Pets

Thank you to Dan, JJ and customers at Holsworthy Pets for their continued support and donations.

A wonderful array of donations from Holsworthy Pets customers.

And a big boxful of goodies donated by Dan and JJ themselves, from their shop.

Happy Gotcha Day!

“Gotcha Day” is the name given to the day a lucky hound first came into his or her forever home. Here are some tributes of that celebration of love

Three years ago today this very nervous little boy came to live with us, we can’t imagine our lives without him.

Happy Gotcha Day Reggie Roodles xx JD

In celebration of Buddy coming to his forever home one year ago today, Buddy and Roxy decided to dress for dinner (think Roxy had too many markies beforehand ) TFM


Happy 2nd Gotcha Day to our beloved Nellie, pictured with her favourite person CL

Rainbow Bridge

A tribute to Olive from Carla, her first foster mum.

Beautiful Olive came into foster with me in July 2017. She was dumped in the pound with spinal problems and wobbly back legs. She settled in really well with the rest of my gang and was adopted a couple of months after coming to me. Her foster mum fell in love with her and she was really happy in her new home. We learnt today that Olive deteriorated very quickly and there was nothing that could be done for her. Her new mum was so very upset to lose her. Run free over Rainbow Bridge beautiful girl. Some of your old friends are there waiting for you and you will never be forgotten. RIP Olive. Beautiful soul. xxx

Did you Know?

We have a NEW LAST CHANCE HOTEL FACEBOOK PAGE, which aims to keep you updated with all the latest news on the dogs and much more. Please click on the link and ‘like’ our page.

We have other Facebook groups: LAST CHANCE HOTEL AUCTION runs auctions throughout the year, with loads of fab stuff up for grabs, raising vital funds for our vet bill.

Our Amazon Wishlist, by which you can purchase specific goodies and have them delivered to us, is a lovely way to send a present for our animals! The link will take you straight there for a browse of all sorts of goodies from toys and chews to harnesses, coats and lovely food.

There are also ways to help raise funds for us whilst you’re shopping online, which don’t cost you a penny. Easyfundraising is a scheme whereby you can shop at many popular retailers such as John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, and they will donate a small percentage (usually 1%) of your order to the charity of your choice, with no extra expense to you. Giveasyoulive is a similar scheme, with over 4000 retailers involved.

AMAZON run their own scheme called Amazon Smile, please use this if you shop with them.

Like all charities, we depend almost entirely upon the generosity of our wonderful supporters. We have several ways in which monetary donations can be made: PayPal is easy and convenient for the many people who hold an account.

JustGiving provides another way of donating and also an opportunity for individuals to fundraise for us through sponsorship of a personal challenge. In addition, it allows us to claim back the Gift Aid part of the donation which can add vital pennies.

If neither of these methods are suitable, then we are more than happy to accept donations via direct bank transfer using the following information:

Last Chance Hotel
Sort code: 20-67-19
Account no: 73797503
(Do drop us a quick email with your details so we can say thanks!)

or cheques, if sent to our Treasurer, at the address given at the bottom of this newsletter.

These and other ways to donate are listed in detail on our website donations page.

Legacies are also a vital source of support and we now have a dedicated page on our website which provides information on legacies and about leaving a gift in your Will to Last Chance Hotel. All donations enable us to continue our work in rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming, and legacies provide a future for the charity, as well as giving us further opportunity to educate, inform and promote responsible pet ownership.

Thank you from Team LCH and all the animals!


“Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.”

Henry James

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