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Happy New Year from the 3 Valley Vegans xx

Well who would have thought that 2019 would be here so quickly?

Hopefully everyone has had a fabulous Christmas, a lovely break and is raring (with a renewed lease of energy) to face all of life's twists and turns that lay ahead this year for each of us.

We have been very busy at the 3 Valley Vegans this January offering support to people participating in this years Veganuary.
Veganuary is not over yet however, so stay tuned to find out about more upcoming events.

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Food For Thought


Quinoa is a seed which is used very much like a grain, although it is much higher in fibre.
It is classed as a super food due to it's very high nutrient value. It is high in magnesium, zinc, potassium and iron and so it's an excellent source of obtaining these vital minerals.
The protein content is high-almost double that of rice or barley and it is classed as a complete protein as it contains all the essential amino acids that the human body requires.
Quinoa is found to be packed with flavonoids which are plant antioxidants and are extremely important to consume within our diet.
Containing many vitamins too it really is one of the healthiest food sources, with many health benefits.

To top it all this amazing seed is gluten free.  It is easily grown, therefore it is often organic too!!!

A tip when using quinoa is to soak it in water before cooking. This degrades most of it's phytic acid which can hinder the absorption of it's many minerals when we eat it. The simple act of soaking it however will allow all those lovely minerals to be digested and utilised by our bodies.

Medical News Today 2018 article- Health Benefits of Quinoa.
Quinoa Recipes

Healthy and versatile.
Click on the link below to see a selection of mouth watering vegan recipes with quinoa at the heart of the ingredients.
There are breakfasts, salads, mains and even puddings - from sweet to savoury -showing how easy it can be to incorporate this super food into your diet.

23 Vegan Recipes Using Quinoa
Dirty Vegan

A new cooking programme has taken to the air waves. The chef and host is Matt Pritchard and the show is refreshingly fully vegan. .
It is being aired on BBC 1 Wales.
If you cannot tune in to this channel then it is available for everyone to see on BBC iPlayer.

Stock Free Farming

Stock Free Farming, or veganic, is a term used for animal free agriculture. It omits the use of animal products and also the animals themselves.
It is a way of fertilising the soil without the use of manure, animal bones, blood/fish meal, harmful chemicals or genetically modified seeds.
The question most would ask is ''why not use manure?"
Apart from manure being an animal product it will also contain all the antibiotics and supplements that the farmed animal has been given throughout it's life, to allow it to grow super fast and enable it to keep in adequate health so it can endure the harsh, brutal farming conditions inflicted upon it until it's slaughter.
It is proven that plants can absorb pharmaceuticals from the manure, therefore whatever has been unnaturally pumped into the animals can be transferred into the crop that was grown within that manured soil.
This can subsequently be passed through to the person who ingests the plant.

Animal + GMO free agriculture is done by using vegetable compost - green manure. The secret is to use plants known to benefit the land. They are grown and then ploughed into the soil, which results in improved soil structure, replaces nitrogen and vital nutrients and increases the content of organic matter.
Examples of plants that can be used are buckwheat, clover, soy beans and millet.
This technique of growing crops, which can also be used in general gardening, minimises environmental pollution and does not contribute to the suffering and ultimate slaughter of animals.

Article by The Guardian- Farmers That Shun Animal Manure

The Vegan Organic Network (or VON) is a network of farmers and growers who are successfully using the Stock Free Farming method. 
They have developed a standard of compliance which can be measured. If the standards are reached then businesses and growers are certified as Stock Free Organic. This award allows consumers to know that the crops have been grown to very high ethical standards  both organically and environmentally.
The agricultural farms have to prove that they conserve wildlife, encourage biodiversity and provide habitats for animals in the area.
Of course they also have to refrain from using any animal products, pesticides, herbicides and be GMO free.
The list is very in depth so the certification would certainly prove that the recipient held very high standards and great ethics.

If anyone is interested in learning more about plant based fertilisation or crop rotation either in farming or gardening then there is an active facebook group at:

To join the VON membership and become part of the movement, click on the link below.       

Become A Vegan Organic Network Member
3 Valley Vegans at Todmorden Market

Volunteers Wanted

3 Valley Vegans will be holding a stall on Todmorden Market on Thursday 21st February.
The stall will be 9:00 - 15:00.

We will be cooking delicious pancakes ahead of Pancake day.

There is no need to miss out on this tradition by being vegan.
We will show you how to make the perfect pancakes which are free from any dairy milk or eggs......and it is extremely quick and simple too!!

Of course we will be on hand to answer any questions, give advice and also hand out other vegan recipes too.

So come down and see us and try some grub.

If anyone would like to volunteer then please email Hillary on:
Volunteers are not expected to be there all day. A spare hour or 2 would be very much appreciated. 

3 Valley Vegans Quiz Night

Following on with our meet ups this month, our final veganuary event is a pub quiz social and will take place on Thursday 31st January at The Golden Lion pub, Rochdale Road, Todmorden.

It will kick off at 8pm in the upstairs room and is expected to last a couple of hours.

The Golden Lion caters for vegans very well.  They have vegan beers and lots of plant based food options.
Food can be ordered at the bar and taken upstairs throughout the event, but please only order vegan food.

It promises to be a fun evening where like minded people can get together, have a laugh and battle against the questions with each other.

Who is up for the challenge!!!!

Did You Know?

Did you know that this January someone new has signed up to Veganuary, on an average of, every 6 seconds.

Pretty spectacular results!   

The Impact That Just One Vegan Can Have

Click the link below to calculate how much you have saved since you have been vegan.
It measures your environmental impact and how many lives you may have saved.

The calculator has been produced using statistics sourced from www.cowspiracy.com/facts

It is a massive boost to know that your actions do really make a difference. 

The Vegan Calculator
The VeGuide

The Vegan Society has created an app - The VeGuide, which is to help aid people transitioning to veganism.

It is a 30 day programme full of knowledge, tips and tools to overcome any obstacles faced or answer any questions that arise while embarking on this new journey.

Download the App by following the link below.

The VeGuide App link
World Vegan Month logo
Get Healthier And Embrace A Kinder Lifestyle In 2019

It is not too late to sign up to Veganuary!!
January may be coming to an end, but the pledge can be taken on at any time and it couldn't be easier to sign up.

Just follow the link below and it will take you to their registration page.
If you know of anyone that may be interested then share the link with them.

They will then send you emails with tips, meal plans, and recipes on a daily basis. They'll keep you up to date on vegan news and offers.

Sign Up To Veganuary
West Yorkshire Vegan Festival

Organised by Far Place Animal Rescue, this festival will take place on 2nd February from 10:30 - 17:00.
The location is in Huddersfield at the Town Hall, Corporation St, HD1 2TA 
Tickets are £3 and can be bought on the door.

There will be many food stalls as well as clothing, wellness, beauty, charity and talks being held throughout the day.
All profits will go to Far Place to help care for and re-home animals that have been rescued.
They are a no kill animal rescue centre, based in the UK, helping many animals who are sick, injured or abandoned.
Follow the link below to see the charity's website.

Far Place Animal Rescue
Keep In Contact

We would like to remind you that 3 Valley Vegans have a Facebook page, a Facebook group and our own website...

Our Facebook page is open to the public and is updated with lots of  events both local and national, interviews, videos, information, news and tips from the wider vegan community. 
To like, or visit this page please click:

Facebook Public Page

The Facebook group is a closed group and is a good place to air and vent any local vegan issues.
Information relating to local shopping and/or eating out can be posted by members of this group and also if any businesses in the local area would like to promote any vegan products or offers then this is the group to use.
If you would like to join then please click:
Facebook Private Group

On our website you will find local eating guides, recipes, up coming and past events, blogs and lots of vegan articles.
What our group is all about is detailed on this side and our location and contact detai
To visit the website please click on link:


Map of Calderdale
UPDATED! Local eating and shopping guides

Eating out and shopping can be tricky when you're vegan, especially when just starting out. To make things a little easier, we have compiled a list of vegan-friendly eateries and shops in Calderdale:

View our Guide to Eating Out in Calderdale

View our Vegan Friendly Calderdale Shopping Guide

Have we missed anything off these lists? Please send your suggestions to tech@3valleyvegns.org.uk 


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