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Our windsock, turned into an icy art sculpture.

Well, it's actually already here.

So happy February. I hope my fellow pagans had a wonderful Imbolc, and hoping you all have a lovely Valentine's Day--celebrating friendship and love is a wonderful thing. We're celebrating snow, it seems. The Pacific Northwest, especially in our area--the Seattle area--has been slammed by back to back snowstorms and we're expecting more this week. We don't do well with snow here and so we're kind of housebound at this point. But it's pretty, so I thought I'd show you some pics of our yard as it looks now. By the end of Tuesday we could be looking at another 8"--12" out there. I even ordered snowboots (haven't needed them till now) but they're delayed because...of snow! (And yes, I find that irontically funny).

I have a cover reveal for you today, and an exclusive excerpt from THE HALLOWED HUNT! So read on!

Our front yard this morning as of 6 AM--massive snow piles.
Ruler in the snow out front--topping out at 9 inches of snow.
Our backyard--snow covered bench, grill, and yard.

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Book 5 of the Wild Hunt Series
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Release Date: March 4, 2019 (I most likely will have this out a week or two early)


Print will be available about a week after e=format comes out. No preorder for print.


It’s October, and with Samhain approaching, Ember must enter the Cruharach to face the darkest night of her life. As she gives herself over to the Autumn Stalkers and the Leannan Sidhe, she is plunged deep into the shadows of Annwn to face Cernunnos and the test of the Hallowed Hunt.

Meanwhile, the Wild Hunt is trying to contain collateral damage throughout the city. A Fae hate group is terrorizing Seattle, going after shifters and humans alike. In the middle of investigating the deadly cult, Herne takes on a new case.

A frantic wolf-shifter mother begs them for help. Her three-year old daughter has been kidnapped. With three other young girls already dead at the hands of a serial killer dubbed the Angel of Mercy, Herne and Ember find themselves in a desperate race to find the girl before the Angel of Mercy claims another victim and strikes again.


Book 21 of the Otherworld Series (YES, this is the last book--no question about it).
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Release Date: April 15th, 2019

Print will be available about a week after e=format comes out. No preorder for print.

They’re the D’Artigo sisters: savvy half-human, half-Fae agents of the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. Camille is the Queen of Dusk and Twilight. Delilah is a two-faced werecat and the Autumn Lord’s only living Death Maiden. And Menolly is a vampire princess and married to a gorgeous werepuma Amazon. It’s been four long years since they first found out about Shadow Wing…and now, they’re facing the end of the line. It’s time for the D’Artigo sisters to extinguish Shadow Wing’s evil forever, before he goes mad and tries to unravel the world…

Cover Reveal!

THE SILVER MIST--Wild Hunt Book 6

Preorder coming next month!
Release Date: June 3, 2019

The Wild Hunt is on the trail of the Tuathan Brotherhood—a hate group terrorizing humans and shifters alike. Their investigation takes them over to the Olympic Peninsula, where they are plunged into the heart of the haunted old-growth forest in a desperate attempt to stop the group before they strike again.

Meanwhile, one of Herne’s friends turns to the Wild Hunt. He’s unwittingly unleashed a terrifying spirit who threatens Port Ludlow with the fury of her storms. Now, they must not only locate Rafé, who has vanished while undercover in the forest, but they must also appease the Cailleach before she destroys the entire community and everyone within it.

Exclusive Excerpt From The Hallowed Hunt

copyright 2019, all rights reserved

Print will be available about a week after e=format comes out. No preorder for print.

“When?” he whispered.

“Tomorrow night. I’ll come to your place. I think Rafé’s coming over and he and Angel will want some privacy.” Before I pulled away, I grabbed his chin, bringing his lips to mine, and kissed him so deep that I almost came right there. We came up for air when someone knocked on the door.

“There, that will have to keep you,” I said.

“Damn. Well, that will have to do. Wait till I sit down to open the door,” he added, grinning as he headed for his desk, his all-too obvious arousal pressing against the front of his jeans.

I laughed, then opened the door as soon as he sat down. At least we women didn’t have to worry about our desire showing so obviously.

Angel peeked in, glancing at Herne, then at me. “Sorry to interrupt, guys, but I have a prospective client out here whom I think you should talk to.”

“We’re full on cases right now—” Herne started to say, but Angel shook her head.

“Please, hear her out. I think we may want to take this one,” Angel said. “I have a feeling about it.”

That was all she had to say. Angel was human, but she was an incredible empath and we trusted her hunches.

“Show her in, then.” Herne cleared his throat and took a swig of water from the bottle on his desk as Angel ushered a thin, wiry woman into the room.

“Herne, meet Amanda Skellig. Her daughter is missing.”

Right away, I could tell she was a wolf shifter—the pheromones left nothing to the imagination. And right now she was desperate and afraid. A wave of emotion filled the room as she approached the desk. For a moment she stood, wringing her hands, and then she collapsed into one of the chairs in front of Herne’s desk, sobbing.

“Please, please...I need you to find my daughter. She’s been abducted.”

Hearing the pain infused in her voice, I knew we’d be taking the case.


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