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Women Empowered Global (WEG) is an organization that works with experts from around the world to design knowledge tools as part of a localized strategy to help women in business or corporate professions achieve leadership goals more effectively and efficiently. We offer coaching, mentoring and leadership accelerator programs to enhance their skills, unlock their full potential and achieve greater leadership success in their career or business. 


A message from our CEO

Hello Ladies

I am excited to introduce to you an amazing global influencer who has joined our vibrant and accredited network of global partners. Please meet Yolanda Shields, the Founder & CEO of YES Builds with HQ in Nashville, Tennessee (USA). Her company offers high-energy Innovative hands-on mastermind training sessions and consulting services worldwide. 


On HeartTalk this month, we are featuring Debbi Dachinger - a renowned Media Personality and  sought-after consultant who provides media makeovers and is often seen doing: Stage Speaking, Live Stream Event Host, Red Carpet Correspondent, Celebrity Interviews, Success and Media Interviews, Coaching, Consulting, Bestselling Book Programs for Authors, Media Training, and Award-Winning Radio and TV Hosting. Her award-winning talk radio show, “DARE TO DREAM” is syndicated on 66 stations! Read on for her interview.


Everything we do at Women Empowered Global is to inspire, empower & transform, and help you become your best version to live your dream.


Senela Jayasuriya


Yolanda Shields from "YES Builds" (USA), A Women Empowered Global Partner 

July 2018 updates

Senela receives prestigious Sri Lanka Women Leadership Award 2018

Our CEO Senela was an award recipient of the 'Sri Lanka Women's Leadership Award 2018' organized by the World Women Leadership Congress on the 24th of July 2018.

Pictured above: Senela receiving her award from Mrs.P.S.M. CharlesDirector General of Sri Lanka Customs and Mrs. Neela Marikkar - Chairperson of Dentsu Grant Group (formally Grant McCann Erickson)

Our CEO Senela interviewed on The Morning Show with Danu and Blessie on RED FM

Senela was joined Danu and Blessie on The Morning Show on RED FM for a powerful and impactful conversation about empowerment, leadership, following your dreams and the upcoming ‘Business Mingle’.

Senela awarded post as a Global Goodwill Ambassador

Senela was awarded post of “Head - Leadership Development & Mentoring” for Global Goodwill Ambassadors 

Senela featured in 'Elegant' magazine for exclusive interview

Our CEO Senela Jayasuriya shares her vision, conviction and passion about her dream to empower women around the world in an exclusive interview for the July 2018 issue of  'Elegant' magazine.

You can read her full interview HERE

Senela featured in international podcast

Senela was interviewed by Women Empowered Global global partner, Secret Birds from China for a podcast episode where she discussed her passion to empower women and bring transformation, the work of Women Empowered Global and the success story behind Women Empowered Global. 

Check out the podcast HERE

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The WEG HeartTalk® platform was designed by us to showcase the heart of leaders around the world; leaders who are passionate about what they do and are committed to seeing change and advancement.   


It is all about understanding the glass-ceiling, identifying the cracks and using those cracks as leverage to break through it, as a business owner, team leader or employee.

This month's 'HeartTalk' feature: Debbi Dachinger

Debbi Dachinger is a Media Personality and an expert in living a daring life. She is a sought-after consultant who provides media makeovers for global messengers. Debbi is often seen doing: Stage Speaking, Live Stream Event Host, Red Carpet Correspondent, Celebrity Interviews, Success and Media Interviews, Coaching, Consulting, Bestselling Book Programs for Authors, Media Training, and Award-Winning Radio and TV Hosting.

1. What is your definition of women empowerment?

Women’s empowerment refers to our autonomy to represent our interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on our own authority or power to do something.

It is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling our life and claiming women’s rights. It includes the spirit of the principles of equality, liberty, safety, justice, integrity and freedom.


2. What motivated you to get involved in being inspirational for change?

I am motivated to be a leader who stands for inspired change to assist my clients into a vortex of mindfulness, balance, positivity, happiness and peace. We teach what our path has been and for me learning how to be visible, comfortable and confident in my skin, was a large part of my journey. In getting to the other side of my wound I found that being visible, teaching and inspiring are where I was meant to be residing in my career.

Many people have great stories, messages and desires to share with the world. I help them how through coaching to give birth to and write their book, through taking their books to bestseller, and getting them booked on media for big interview results.


Click HERE to read Debbi's full interview with us.



High Performance Coaching with Senela

Learn how to build useful leadership skills, inspire others and be the BEST version of yourself at the workplace. Get access to team and individual coaching programs specially made to help YOU brush up your leadership skills and build your confidence with Senela, who is an international high performance coach. For more information and registration click HERE!


Have you seen the latest 'Think a Minute' episodes?

Being a working woman and multitasking can feel overwhelming sometimes! Looking for some quick powerful motivation to get through your week or day?  Then this is the place for you.


Women Empowered Global's online series 'Think a Minute' returns with more inspiring and powerful episodes featuring the award-winning Boldness Coach, Vaneese Johnson (USA).


If you feel like you need to get back on track, and find your level of bold, then tune in for a new episode every week.


If you haven't seen the latest episodes yet, click HERE to be inspired NOW.


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Be empowered and inspired as a leader with our global partner Sonja Klopčič.

She is our global partner from Slovenia brings to you - 'Ideas for Leaders'. Inspirational, practical and very useful tips for you to improve yourself as a leader and inspire others. She is the author of the book "The Energy inside leadership".


Sonja is a developer of new era leadership, and describes real business stories with a personal touch. Follow this column in our monthly digest for leadership tips to help you be instrumental and more impactful in your walk in leadership.

Leadership Tip #6 : Smile Opens The Door To Success

Grumbling, resenting, gossiping, whining, and complaining are all large energy consumers. But does such behavior help us improve the situation and circumstances with which we are not satisfied? Is it not better to focus our energy on finding solutions and replace negative charge with a positive one? Not only will we feel better immediately, we will also open more opportunities for our success.

Did you know that you need less energy to smile than to frown? There are 17 facial muscles involved in a smile, compared to 43 in a frown. A smile may potentiate happiness, not only yours, but also the happiness of those around you. I have read another interesting comparison in a book by David R. Hamilton, Power of Contagious Thinking: A friend's smile is worth 200 chocolate bars, a smile of a loved one 600, and a look at a picture of a smiling child is worth 2,000 chocolate bars. As a leader, you may consider a secret mission: give someone a smile instead of a chocolate :)


Don't worry, be happy.

Thought-provoking snippet of July

The Goals that guide us

"Not all who wander are lost," they say, but for the great majority of us, having a road map for the future is a key element to well-being and success, however we choose to define it. This means setting goals for ourselves, and finding ways to achieve them. If you're a wanderer, it might be time to realize the boundless utility of setting goals.

Goals provide focus. With no guiding vision or plan, people tend to drift. Goals provide a measuring stick for progress. Goals enhance productivity. They bolster self-esteem. And most of all, goals increase commitment, so you're more likely to achieve whatever you set out to conquer.

Of course, a thousand mile journey starts with the first small step. And whether we're embarking on the long trek of a mid-life career switch or the walk to the bedroom to finally organize that closet, it can be hard to gather up the motivation to make that initial step. While setting goals is in itself motivating, sometimes it's just not enough. Here are some tried-and-true ways you can begin to move toward achieving your goals, and maintain resolve when the going gets rough.

  • Put your goals in writing.

The act of writing down what you are going to do is a strong motivator. Writing down goals prevents you from leaving your goals vague. Be specific. Use action verbs. Let your goals have measurable outcomes. Specify completion dates. Also record what your reward will be for achieving the goal. Make a contract with yourself, then read it each morning and night. This will help you to be more committed your goal as each day passes.

  • Make a list of obstacles.

Think of everything that might stand in your way. Then decide what you can do about each obstacle. Design a plan to reduce the influence of each obstacle and increase the chances that you will be successful in reaching your goal.

  • List the benefits of achieving your goal.

Knowing exactly what you will gain from reaching your goal is a strong motivator.  

  • Identify subgoals.

Break down complicated plans into manageable chunks. Be specific about what has to be accomplished. Decide what you are going to do, and when. Make sure each step is challenging but achievable, and that you have a complete plan of action. Then write it on your calendar and review it regularly.

  • Learn what you need to learn.

If information or skill is keeping you from achieving your goals, determine ways to fill in the gaps, and build this into your action plan. Be willing to study and work hard to reach your goals. Think about how much time and effort will be required, and ask yourself whether you are really willing and able to do what is necessary. It is better to adjust your goals or your timetable than to proceed with a plan that is unrealistic.

  • Enlist the help of others.

Find someone, a coworker or friend, with whom you share a common goal. A partner can help you stay committed and motivated. Look for role models, people who have already achieved the goals you seek to reach. Ask them for advice and suggestions. Find how they got where they are, and incorporate what you learn into your plan.

  • Visualize yourself having achieved each of your goals.

The more real you can make your visualization, the better. Find a quiet place, visualize, write down your experiences afterward. Go through magazines and cut out pictures that represent your goal, then put them around the house. Provide constant reminders to yourself about what you're working towards. Describe your ideal life in the future. Write a few paragraphs describing what you have accomplished, and how your life is better as a result. Use the present tense as if it is happening right here, right now. This is another way of making your vision real.

  • Get organized.

When you are prepared and organized, you will feel better about your ability to reach your goals. Having information scattered in too many places makes you feel out of control and undermines motivation. 

  • Reward yourself each step of the way.

Let yourself feel good about progress you've made. Treat yourself to rewards that will give you a lift as you accomplish each subgoal on your road to success.





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