# 20, 1-28 February, 2017

Calls for violence

Marshalpress, 14 February
Merab Kachakhidze, Georgian Dream: "I had a thought once – do not these snakes, who have lost all humanity, deserve to have their heads smashed?! But then I smiled… Rustavi 2 and various adventurers and zombies behind that channel reveal themselves with such programs exactly. This kind of rhetoric shows us their true face. What they are, followers of what kind of rotten  seed, thinking and ideology are trying (more than trying, this is a sick hysteria) to destabilize the country".

Marshalpress, 13 February
David Liluashvili, The Coalition for Our Rights: ”I have listened to the Chief Prosecutor’s briefing… I am shocked… Of course, presumption of innocence should not be broken at this stage, but when this crime is proved by the court’s verdict, then that bastard [Giorgi Mamaladze] should have his head smashed!!!”


Obiektivi, Night Studio, 27 February
Gubaz Sanikidze, United Democratic Movement:  “...After the war, and especially since the 1970s, when liberals started these exotic experiments, the minority began to silence the majority. For all these 40 or 30 years the main effort was to neutralized the “white man”, this is a well-known topic – “white man” – in America and Europe. They did all they could to empty him of everything, but instead they got the contrary, they got the angry majority!“


Obiektivi, Night Studio, 23 February
David Tedoradze, member of Adjara Supreme Council - Georgian Dream: „I have spoken many times, and my concern has always been the attempt of economic and cultural expansion [by Turkey], which is still relevant.“

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 14 February
Vazha Otarashvili, Patriots Alliance: "That our sacred queen Tamar was insulted by the Turks, and we cherished them and gave them various benefits"...

Kavkasia, Barieri, 28 February
Tengo Omanadze, Free Georgia: "For instance, Turkey today is able to buy all Adjara region from the local population and settle ethnic Turks or Turkish citizens there, and so on. Do you think that’s not a problem because it’s economics?.."

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 15 February
Bondo Mdzinarashvili, anchor: „Aghmashenebeli Avenue in Tbilisi and Adjara Autonomous Republic are going Turkish. That’s a trouble that will be connected to other troubles soon. That’s not impossible at all, I’m talking about it as a threat and I would like the government to pay attention to it, if it isn’t already“.

Asaval-Dasavali, 13-19 February
Hamlet Chipashvili, political observer: „There are various madrasas in Adjara, with Gulen’s money invested to turn Adjaran children into Muslims! Besies, it is no secret that when Adjaran children were being taken to Turkey to study at madrasas, most of those are also Gulen’s property!“ ...“Turkish expansion in Georgia will get stronger!... This means business expansion and a carpet!... The carpet for prayers! The one one which the Turks are teaching Adjaran children to pray – wherever you are, when the time of prayer comes, spread the carpet and pray, they tell them!“

Asaval-Dasavali, 13-19 February

Vladimer Khomeriki, businessman:
„I recommend that you think about how many Turks live in Adjara, especially in Batumi, and don’t forget their claims on that region, and the threat of losing that beautiful province as a result of the Kars negotiations.“

Geographic discrimination

Rustavi 2, P.S. 12 February,, 13 February, Alia, 20-26 February
Giorgi Gabunia, journalist: "David Narmania has apparently forgoten that he was chosen to be the mayor of the capital, and is still thinking he’s in a village somewhere, where toilets are built over large pits. Tbilisi is not a place for gathering your waste, Mr. David".


Obiektivi, Night Studio, 16 February
David Tarkhan-Mouravi, Patriots Alliance: „The foreigners are buying agricultural lands, to lease them to Georgian peasants, so we are in an idiotic situation. Georgians, who are supposedly masters of Georgia, are renting Georgian land from some Iranian and paying him a tribute. How foolish this is.“

Kavkasia, Barieri, 28 February
Giorgi Akhvlediani, United Democratic Movement: Neither Europeans nor Americans are coming here to bring in their technologies. But Panjabi farmers do come with their hoes.”

Asaval-Dasavali, 13-19 February
Teimuraz Shashiashvili, The Whites: „Kutaisi Technological University is being opened for the Arabs, Turks, Iranians, Indians and Chinese! Just imagine what’s going to happen in the Western Georgia!“

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 5 February
Giorgi Lomia, Patriots Alliance:  "In Georgia this place left empty [because of the Georgians having left for Europe] must be filled, so who is going to fill it? It will be filled with incoming people. Of course, they won’t be Georgians, they might be Chinese, Turks, representatives of other countries, and they will fill this emptiness, which may be lethal for us, for a small country like Georgia."

Kavkasia, Barieri, 28 February
Giorgi Akhvlediani, United Democratic Movement: "So I had nothing to tell that Nigerian, you know why? Because he took out his Georgian passport, so he has become a Georgian citizen and named himself Niko Chavchavadze, and I had nothing to tell him, because he is a Georgian citizen now, so what can I say. .. Besides the problem of selling lands to foreigners, we must also very seriously tighten issuing of Georgian citizenship."

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 15 February
Bondo Mdzinarashvili, anchor: „...In the agricultural zone of village Khashmi, where the famous Khashmi Saperavi [wine] is produced, Arabs are buying 150 hectares... If they turn it into non-agricultural land, and the law does not prohibit this, then we are going to have an Arab village built on 150 hectares of land, and nobody will be able to stop that from happening“.

Alia, 13-19 February
Levan Lomidze, journalist: "Look at [Ucha] Nanuashvili’s logic: When they were whistling at and insulting [Tamaz] Mechiauri, that was nothing, that was supposed to be so, but as soon as Mechiauri mentioned Arthur [Arutyunov], he immediately made a complaint about him mentioning Armenians."

Alia, 13-19 February
Levan Lomidze, journalist: "Gia Zhorzholiani has also said that Georgians may buy land in the Botanic Garden and Arabs may not. So now this is discrimination too."...

Asaval-Dasavali, 20-26 February
Rezo Amashukeli, writer: „These liberasts are protesting against transferring lands to the Patriarchy, so what is better – for the Church to own the Georgian agricultural land, or for it to be sold to the Arabs and Iranians, like our state is now selling it?!”

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 27 February
Nana Devdariani, Global Research Center: „The French want a French state. They are not like us, they are not wild people, I mean neither we nor them are wild, and they accept the blacks, Muslims, and everyone, but they don’t accept when those people reject their way of life. And the migrants are afraid that of Marine Le Pen comes to power, their life in the enclaves which the police cannot enter will be over...“ 

Obiektivi, Night Studio, 15 February
Paata Koghuashvili, academic: „Three million Armenians lived in Aleppo, let God save them all and let them go back. Where are they going to go?! Let us think, we have no gates already, and we have to get it and lock it. We have no other choice and other way“.


Marshalpress, 18 February
Editors: "According to Dzeglistsera [medieval documents], Armenians are heretics, and if an Armenian becomes Orthodox Christian, the Orthodox Church must accept him the same way it accepts pagans".

Religious discrimination

Asaval-Dasavali, 13-19 February
Teimuraz Shashiashvili, The Whites: “The Soros and Liberty Institute people were visiting me... We deliberated and decided that allowing this [construction of a Catholic church] was absolutely unacceptable! In response they started terrible pressure – ministers were called to Vatican and being forced to support construction of a Catholic church in the center of the city.“

Asaval-Dasavali, 27 February - 5 March
Dito Chubinidze, journalist: „It is known that one brother of Nika Gvaramia is a Jehovah Witnesses’ priest in Samegrelo, who is attacking the Orthodox Christianity, walking street to street, and getting a lot of money for that! As to Gvaramia himself, he is firing poisonous arrows at our faith and traditions from Rustavi 2 TV… The stone-throwing spy of Jehovah Witnesses David Paichadze, or David “Pachanik” as I called him years ago, was supplying Giga Bokeria with stones, so that they could throw those stones at the church and Orthodox congregation!, 14 February
Nikoloz Mzhavanadze, The Rights Defenders Union: „He [Ucha Nanuashviloi] is a sectant and has been fighting against the Church all his life. The so called NGOs are his allies, including the Human Rights Center, where his wife holds an important position”.


Interpressnews, 6 February
Manana Kobakhidze, candidate to become a Justice of the Constitutional Court:  "I believe that Article 36 of the Constitution of Georgia, which gives us the definition of marriage, means only that the social institution with many thousand years of history means a relationship based on the classical, or if you will biological, principles. This is a relationship between a woman and a man, or a man and a woman. This is my view.“

Alia, 13-19 February
Tamaz Mechiauri, For United Georgia: "David Zurabishvili, whom I do not know, in his statement mentioned word “Armenian” besides “pederast”. I am sorry, but they behave in a way that makes any Armenian better than them, how is David Zurabishvili better than any Armenian? And what does this have to do with the Armenians? By the way, I think even among the pederasts there are some who are better than them ". [Kviris Chronika]

Asaval-Dasavali, 6-12 February
Irakli Lataria, Patriots Alliance: „They arrested someone close to me in Ukraine in 2006, he killed a pederast who touched him inappropriately, so he killed him right there. They were giving him life sentence, and when I asked Misha’s [Saakashvili] entourage for the embassy to do something to avoid the life sentence, the answer was: we cannot get involved for murderers!“ 

Asaval-Dasavali, 13-19 February
Levan Chachua, Patriots Alliance: “The Parliament must immediately take these words from the anti-discrimination law: “sexual minority” and “gender identity” ... We shall call on the population of Georgia – the absolute majority of which agrees with this demand – to protest in the streets and demand the government’s resignation! We shall not allow our government to remain a puppet of aggressive liberast forces, we shall force it to recognize that the Georgian people have a will that must be fulfilled!“

Maestro, Line of Fire, 4 February
Giorgi Akhvlediani, Democratic Movement: "If you are not defender of the LGBT rights, you are propagandist pro-Russian, and this is the usual standard... That you want in this case to protect values and moral rules given by God has nothing to do with politics".

Marshalpress, 18 February, Alia, 20-26 February
Editors: "Dzeglitsera concerns sodomic crime, meaning unnatural sexual relationship – sodomy and lesbian love. Sins are listed there: enmity, jealousness, murder, adultery, idolatry, false oath. According to Dzeglistsera, sodomic sin is different from these sins. All things were created by God and given some purpose for the benefit of people. Sodomy goes against God and nature. This sin has destroyed numerous states, deprived many nations of their liberty".

Asaval-Dasavali, 13-19 February
Dito Chubinidze, journalist: „What do we introduce to the modern world, this Georgia, where the leading TVs show a “man” turned into a “woman” – Kesaria Abramidze?“, 16 February
Nika Korinteli, journalist: "Yuri Roshka [former PM of Moldova] has told how in the Parliament of Moldova they were adopting the law on equal opportunities. From now on in Moldova, any sodomite and pedophile can begin to work at a kindergarten or school, this has become easy now..."

Marshalpress, 23 February
Bishop Spiridon Abuladze: "....Now, when the whole world is so spoiled, when man marries another man and woman another woman, man turns into woman and woman into man. This is so all over the world, and your own media serves this too, so when you prohibit me by the law, me – a cleric, to say that this is not good… You prohibit this to me and threaten me with jail, then you ar worse than Balthazar.”

Anti-Western statements

Kviris Palitra, 6-12 February
Sandro Bregadze, The Nationals: "If now we have 1.5 million immigrants, after the visa liberalization we’ll have a million more, Africans and Arabs will settle in Georgia, with our demographic picture worsening further as a result, so that in the end we Georgians will become exotic aborigines "., 16 February
Father Mikheil, priest: "...These are methods well thought-through by the Western mass media... They start by suddenly showing a character, for instance in a film, a character that is obviously of homosexual orientation, but harmless, funny and witty. And that’s it – that does it. Then they make another film, then another. You know what this looks like? You can take poison by small drops, and nothing happens, then the dose can be increased, and the organism is immune”.

Asaval-Dasavali, 27 February - 5 March
Giorgi Pavlov, archpriest: „I have preached many times that all this is the product not of the Western civilization, but the Western sewage.  This concerns the new government too. A parliament member making a cross sign does not mean anything, if with the same hand he agrees to the anti-discrimination law and other immoral decisions., 17 February
Vano Sulori, journalist: "The USA staying in Georgia would cause the people to lose identity, dull degradation of the nation. Because where is America, there cosmopolitism prospers and the national values are subdued. With America there is dominance of sects. With America there is propaganda of lesbian love and sodomy. With America there is Sodom-Gomorra of immorality. I remember the words of a Mexican writer: “Oh, poor Mexico, how far from you is God and how close is America”., 23 February
Editors:  "If American Ambassador [Ian Kelly] makes mistakes while choosing personnel, we should not be offended. After all, they had President Bush, who could not tell Austria from Australia! And Obama believed that America had 57 states (instead of 50), while he considered the great success of his presidency to be legalization of the same-sex marriage. After this it is no surprise that the President of Georgia whom they like is boasting of a rich sex life!", 3 February
Nika Korinteli, journalist: "Los Angeles, Hollywood. International factory of dreams and heaven for the homosexuals. Two American young men walk in the street hand in hand, with no girls to be seen nearby. Where there are no women, there is no continuation of life, but the sodomites are trying to leave aside the laws of nature. Colossal money is being spent on this. Today two million children in the world are being raised by the same-sex families, and this is only the beginning. The norms of life get confused, instead of “mother” new term is being introduces – “biocontainer””.

Gender, 8 February, Marshalpress, 7 February,
Zaza Papuashvili, Georgian Dream: "...How can you talk about this man [Nika Gvaramia] at all, how can this man be a leader and how can you obey him?! When I look [at Nika Gvaramia] sitting at the table on TV, I always think that he has a short skirt below, with long socks, and that when he moves a heel, he hits it with slippers. As if he does it at home, instead of speaking to the public.“

Alia, 6-12 February
Editors: “According to his [Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Kezeh] explanation, if there is an earthquake, which is quite probable, it will the fault of the weaker sex, since the women are always trying to make men like them, to seduce them and to make them feel pleasure of flesh“., 6 February, Asaval-Dasavali, 13-19 February
Father Giorgi Razmadze, the head of Avchala St. Kethevan Church: "As to the propaganda claiming that in Georgia women are killed, the main cause of which is the Georgian mentality, we have been hearing this propaganda for a long time, and we all know by which Western forces it is financed.... Clearly, activity on these topics is not incidental; this is a purposeful campaign, attacking everything Georgian. Generally, according to the Christian teaching, the head of the family is man, and they want to deprive the family of this… They are interested in two things only – to get foreign grants, and to fulfill the purpose for which they are getting those grants".

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