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From the Chair

This message comes with the Executive’s very best wishes for the festive season, wherever you may be. Having just returned to the UK from Melbourne and Singapore I now have more of an understanding of how different cultures celebrate this time of year, some in intense heat! The welcome was warm too, and it was great to meet more ISDDE members and fellows in person.

The end of the calendar year marks the end of the ISDDE organisational year too, so there are some changes afoot…

I wrote in the last newsletter that Daniel Pead would be stepping down. Daniel is a hard act to follow and I’m delighted that Kristen Tripet from the reSolve project in Australia has agreed to be our next secretary.  Kristen is relatively new to ISDDE but has already begun work on organising a local ISDDE event and we welcome her enthusiasm! Alan Schoenfeld will be stepping down too. We will miss his wisdom and humour and thank him for many years of service to our community. In his place we welcome Cornelia Connelly, who hails from NUI Galway in the Emerald Isle and who, with her colleagues, did a great job of organising the ISDDE conference there last year.

And lastly, I’m handing on the Executive Chair mantle, across the pond, to Jacquey. Many of you will know her from her pioneering work connecting science and literacy at the Lawrence Hall of Science at Berkeley, where she is Associate Director for Design and Development. Jacquey won the ISDDE prize in 2012 so she is eminently qualified to take the society into the next phase. ISDDE really is a remarkable organisation – small but beautifully formed - and I have really enjoyed being Chair. It’s been a privilege to get to know, learn from, and in some cases work with, such talented and knowledgeable folks world-wide.  Thanks for having me!

Lynne McClure, Chair of ISDDE 2017-8

From the incoming Chair

I am excited and honored to take up the helm of ISDDE beginning January 1st!  I feel particularly grateful to Lynne, who worked hard to accomplish many important things during her leadership, including a renewed and refreshed website. Thank you, Lynne for plowing the ground so well! 

As I prepare to shed the title of Chair Elect, and become just plain Chair, I have been thinking about what my contribution to the organization will be. At the ISDDE conference last May, I had the opportunity to ask several members what they hoped for in the coming years. Sadly, I'm not sure I can deliver on World Peace, but they had some thoughtful suggestions. Inspired by the ideas I heard, it is my plan to send out a questionnaire in January to all of you, to get your reactions to a few ideas as well as any hopes for ISDDE that you might have. In the mean time,

I am happy to be surrounded by such competent committee chairs, who together hold the responsibilities for everything from membership, communications, awarding the Eddy prize, and publications, including the publication of our wonderful journal, Educational Designer. I look forward to the coming year.

Wishing you all the very best

Jacqueline (Jacquey) Barber, Incoming Chair (from 1st January)

ISDDE Executive for 2019

Each year, ISDDE appoints a number of new members to serve a 4-year term on the Executive committee. This year, we’ve tried a less formal process and simply asked for volunteers from the Fellowship, with the possibility of holding an election if there were more applicants than available posts.

This year, there were two applications from the fellowship: Kristen Tripet (Australia) and Cornelia Connolly (Ireland). In addition, current executive members Leslie Dietiker (USA) and Peter Boon (The Netherlands), are coming to the end of their current 4 year terms, but have both expressed an interest in continuing on the executive. 

Meanwhile, Alan Schoenfeld (USA) and Daniel Pead (UK) – current Secretary – have asked to step down from the committee from January.  

That leaves the society in the happy situation of having four candidates for four vacancies!
Therefore, Kristen Tripet and Cornelia Connolly will be joining the executive from January 2019, and that  Leslie Dietiker and Peter Boon will remaining for another term. Additionally, Kristen has agreed to take over as secretary from January.

Many thanks to Alan – one of the founding members of ISDDE –  for his years of service to the Executive. 

As for Daniel, ISDDE will be forever in his debt for his outstanding service in the role of Secretary. His most recent contribution being the capable management of this nomination process. A sincere thank you from all the Fellows and Members of ISDDE for all that you have done over so many years!

Educational Designer

I am really pleased that Wout Ottevanger has agreed to join the editoral board for Educational Designer.  He brings expertise in science education, and a special international perspective.  Wout is also going to use his contacts and powers of persuasion to increase the number of science-related articles in the journal.  The interpretation of science is, of course very broad, including engineering and technology, and design for sciences education in formal and informal settings.

Until recently Wout worked at the Netherlands institute for curriculum development, SLO, where his work mainly consisted of both development work and monitoring and evaluation of implementation of programmes. Besides his work at SLO he has spent quite some years of his working life in Africa with local universities and ministries. His expertise is in science education; he is a chemist by training.

Welcome, Wout!

Kaye Stacey, Editor-in-Chief

2019 Conference

ISDDE 2019 will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the University of Pittsburgh on Sept 16–19, 2019. The conference theme will be Designing for the Future, and will include a new strands on design for computational thinking and leading design groups.

Chris Schunn and his team are already working hard on the preparations. The website is already up and will continue to be updated with additional details in the coming months:

Put the dates in your diary now, and stay tuned for more information early in 2019.

Looking back – 2018 ISDDE Conference

This photograph shows the new crop of ISDDE Fellows, taken at the Conference Dinner.

ISDDE 2018 was a most memorable and enjoyable conference for all involved. The organisers from the National University of Ireland Galway – Tony Hall, Cornelia Connolly, Eílis Flanagan and Jim Lenaghan – have done a great job. Sincere thanks to all!

They would like the ISDDE community to know that they have updated the conference website with participants' blogs, photographs and a video that captures much of the action. The easiest way to access these materials is through the conferences section of the ISDDE website. A short article about the conference has also been published by the University.

The ISDDE Prize in 2019

The prestigious ISDDE 2019 Prize of $5,000 is offered for a substantial body of work, by an individual or a team, over a period of years that shows excellence in design for education in science or mathematics.

In awarding The Prize the judges will seek excellence in the art and science of design in education.  The overriding criterion will be recognition of excellence by a wide range of designers and users but will be further informed by evidence, formal or informal, of:

  • aspects of design that have moved the field of educational design forward
  • aspects of design that have moved the field of mathematics and/or science education forward
  • achievement of specific goals for improved outcomes
  • use of research and the value of resulting insights
  • systematic development through trials with well-identified target groups of users
  • valuable unanticipated outcomes related to transformative effects in use
  • surprise and delight – as in all good art

Look out for the first formal announcement early in 2019.

We will be working to the following timetable:

Closing date for initial nominations:  May 31st  2019

Closing date for final submissions:  July 15th 2019

Announcement of the award: September 2019 at the ISDDE Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

See the ISDDE website for further information about the nomination process and to read about previous winners..

Have you looked at the updated ISDDE website yet?

If not, go immediately to...

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The ISDDE Committee does its work through several sub-committees. Please use the email links to the Chairs and those coordinating the sub-committees included if you have any matters you would like to raise for consideration at any time.

Chairs: Lynne McClure (2017-18); Jacquey Barber (incoming Chair for 2019-20.)

Secretary: Daniel Pead (until January 2019); Kristen Tripet (from January 2019)

Journal: Kaye Stacey (Editor-in-chief), Sheila Evans (Assistant editor), Daniel Pead (Design editor), Dor Abrahamson, Frans van Galen and Wout Ottevanger (Associate editors).

Conference: Chris Schunn and colleagues

Prize: Geoff Wake, Betty Phillips, Jacquey Barber and Peter Boon.

Communications: Will Morony, David Kumar.

Membership: Chris Schunn, Lynne McClure, Phil Daro, Leslie Dietiker.

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