Australian businesses to play key role in the reconciliation process

[by Kris Ashpole]

The global Black Lives Matter movement has been a wakeup call for many Australians to see how our country’s own colonial history continues to affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.

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Calculating a pathway for Indigenous accountants

[supplied by CDU]

The Indigenous Pre-Accounting Enabling Program has 16 Indigenous students enrolled from Borroloola, Alice Springs, Urapunga, Darwin and Sydney who will study with the dream of becoming qualified accountants.

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Record number of women elected in Victorian local council elections

[Ning Pan, ABC]

Surgical nurse Ashleigh Vandenberg has made history in more ways than one by becoming the first Indigenous person elected to her local Melton Council.

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Linguistic barriers in healthcare Australia's Aboriginals

[Borgen magazine]

Australia’s issues with neglect and disengagement of Aboriginal communities in terms of health and language is one that harms thousands of Australia’s First Peoples and continues to weigh on the nation.

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