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Building a community for those who resonate with the Hounds & Jackals mission

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Hello!  Thank you for sticking around for this update!  I am happy you did not unsubscribe!

Any big undertaking takes big amounts of work and time.  It also requires a community.  I really would value any feedback and thoughts on the ongoing development of H&J and the games it will produce.

I wanted to thank the subscribers who have already reached out to with ideas and help (including offering to do photoshoots, spreading the word to their friends, and playtesting ).  We are off to a great start!

I also wanted to let you know that I am working to have every game project roll-out associated with spotlighting various hard-working mental health organizations.  Each game's focus on particular mental health aspects will relate to the organizations.  In addition, more tangible support for these organizations will also be forthcoming via the H&J activities!  

(Hint: see image below for what the Beast of Gévaudan will be associated with)

Warmest regards,



First game in development: Beast of Gévaudan - Click here for a Sneak Peek!

Hounds & Jackals was launched to explore the use of tabletop board games to:

  • Raise Awareness of Mental Health issues in society
  • Meld modern and historical elements into gameplay to promote reflection on the human condition
  • Engage the imagination through immersive themes and settings
  • Address the age of the Digital Reckoning by providing engaging social experiences Off-Screen

Of course, first and foremost, any Hounds & Jackals game must provide an innovative and entertaining experience for players! The above goals would always be blended in for subtle learning and reflection while having fun!

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Hounds and Jackals

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