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July 2021

It's so exciting releasing a new book! Especially when it's the start of a whole new series ... 

Fatecarver--Coming 31 July!

I'm thrilled to announce the upcoming release of my YA fantasy, Fatecarver.

Kalish had a plan. The gods had a different one.

Kalish expects to become her clan’s next fatecarver, channelling the wisdom of the gods into the storyscars of young women—tattooing their futures onto their skin.

But the gods have different plans for her.

Kalish’s own storyscar brands her a traitor.

Banished by her clan, she sets out to find a new home, hoping to rewrite her own fate. But her storyscar is more complex than even the elders guessed, and her travels take her far beyond the understanding of her clan.

When she discovers a plot to destroy her people, she must decide: leave them to die, or save them by becoming the traitor they think she is.

A New Dragon-Filled series by Eileen Mueller

I've recommended Eilleen's fabulous YA Riders of Fire stories before, and now there's even more reason to get stuck into them! 

Anakisha's Dragon is the first book of the Riders of fire Dragon Masters series. Dragons, murder, revenge, pirates, and romance--what more does a story need?

Get a copy!
Kiwis in Print--Indie books by New Zealanders

If you didn't see it last month, pick up your copy of the Kiwis in Print catalogue today! Loads of great Kiwi authors here--there's something for everyone!

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And finally ... What I'm Cooking ...

I cook breakfast every Sunday morning, and one of my go-to easy breakfasts is pancakes. I developed my pancake recipe years ago, and introduced it at Shaver's Creek Environmental Center for their annual Maple Harvest Festival's pancake breakfast in the late 1990s. Pretty soon, I was handing out copies of the recipe along with the pancakes. I think they're still using the recipe at the festival, though I haven't been there for decades. Thousands of people have enjoyed these pancakes. Now you can too!

Get the recipe!
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