The Few and the Cursed: Heart Shaped Ambition

Written by:
Carlos Estefan

Art by:
Pedro Mauro

Colors by:

Lettering by:
Devisions Manes

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Bartholomew and Abe.

A privateer ship that goes about attacking the French in the South Seas gets its crew replaced. Abe and his buddy Bartholomew suspect the betrayal early on, and Bart gets caught. He's thrown in the brig, given a sword-duel with the Captain, and finally made to 'walk the plank' off the ship's bow.


... with a little 'zombie' action!

That's not the end of him, however as he's washed up on a native islander's shore. The natives help him get better, but he has a fight with some zombies and transforms into a much older self within a few month's time. When Bartholomew finally reunites with Abe he at first doesn't recognize him. There's some stuff about the 'fountain of youth' (Ponce De Lion and the Conquistadors' time) where Bart maybe can undo the zombie bite curse of a shortened life.

While there was a fairly solid story being told here, there wasn't much in it to firmly set it squarely in the 'pirate tale' genre. Heart Shaped Ambition is more the story of one man rather than a group of privateers looking for self-gain.

More personal... less pirate.

The adventures of Bartholomew Eamus were of a more personal nature, and the eventual return for revenge part seemed like a story unto itself, one that didn't seem to spring up from a 'pirate' foundation. In that sense I liked his personal tale of adventure and transformation. It had the feeling of that classic Steve McQueen movie Papillion.

The artwork is to be commended. Pedro Mauro keeps the action moving along with a sure steady hand is well versed in action. Clonerh's colors, deliberately kept in a pre-defined range of grayish brown highlighted by deep reds and maroons really help to tie this together visually.

Heart Shaped Ambition works well as an action story. I would recommend it for anyone looking in that direction -plus it's got some surprising supernatural twists!

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