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Daily Happiness Journal 14
April 27th 2020

I hope this little email will uplift and encourage you to see the good things all around you. In this email:

  • Food for thought: To be like others
  • Picture of the day: Happiness Journal / Orange Lilies
  • Daily Funny: Frozen dog
  • Daily Happiness: Kitty solarium
  • Daily Quote by Oscar Wilde

    I hope this little email will uplift and encourage you to see the good things all around you.

    Thought for the day

    To be like others

    Why be like others when there are already so many of them?

    Feel free to be who you are. You are unique. You are precious. And you are good just as you are.

    Be proud of your uniqueness

    Picture of the day
    Write down the positive things in your day, and let them lift your spirits
    Happiness Journal / Orange Lilies

    I took this picture on a summer night when the sun doesn't really go down at all. There is this amazing haze, no darkness. These beautiful lilies just glowed in the summer night.

    Happiness Journal / Orange Lilies -products
    Daily Funny
    Frozen Dog

    What do you call a frozen dog?

    A pupsicle

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    Today's Happiness

    Kitty solarium

    Again today our Aby girl Pipsa came to keep me company while I worked in my home office. I have a table lamp she finds quite nice, so it has turned into a kitty solarium. And of course I have placed a pillow for her there. The spot was originally reserved for my reference books (Egyptology studies and novel writing) but what the hey... I know who rules this household...

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    Daily Quote

    “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

    - Oscar Wilde

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