On the trail of Goldfinger -  Julia searches for clues with her trusty Leica.

On the road

If you have been following on Instagram (and it lets you!), you will have seen our posts from Switzerland. We have been hard at work on Issue 04 of the Super Alpine magazine and will use the next couple of weeks to share a few images and words before launch - hopefully in October.

We can't hope to cover the whole of Switzerland in one magazine, so consider this a part one, where we tackle the highest part of the Confederation from canton Valais (Wallis). From the Matterhorn to the Italian border with a few excursions into neighbouring Vaud, Uri and some Swiss/Italian lake action in Ticino.

Of course, the iconic Hotel Belvédère is featured as we join Tilly Masterson and James Bond and follow Auric Goldfinger across the Furka pass to Andermatt, where things have changed considerably since 1964.

"GOLDFINGER" (transcript)

turns away from the flower stall eating an orange. Oddjob, behind him (in a process shot), approaches the children again.

He stands on the high road looking down at Goldfinger. SLOWLY ZOOM BACK to an even longer shot revealing an even higher road in f.g.
A rifle barrel comes into view, aiming below, and then Tilly, lying prone and bracing the rifle on a boulder. She fires.

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