An infection, trouble digesting certain foods, or too much fruit juice are among the causes of diarrhea. If your child gets it, keep him/her at home and hydrated. If the child is on solids, avoid high-fiber and greasy foods. Take the child to see a doctor if the child isn't better in 24 hours, is under 6 months old, or has other symptoms, such as a fever of 101 or higher, vomiting, peeing less than usual, fast heart rate, bloody or black stool, or belly pain.


Watch for ear pain, a cough, lethargy, a rash, vomiting, or diarrhea. Soothe your little one with fluids, a lukewarm bath, and by dressing him/her in lightweight clothes. Ask your doctor about safe ways to lower a fever. Reprofen Suspension will also be of help.


Babies have sensitive skin. Rashes can range from pimples to little white bumps (milia) to red, dry, itchy patches (eczema). To avoid diaper rash, change diapers often, and apply an ointment for protection. For eczema, skip harsh soaps and keep your child's skin moisturized. Most rashes aren't serious. But take your child to see a doctor if the one your baby has is painful or severe, or if he also has a fever or blisters.


Listen to how it sounds. A seal-like bark could be croup. Coughs with a mild fever are often from a cold. A higher fever may mean pneumonia or the flu. Wheezing with a cough could be asthma or an infection. Babies with pertussis have coughing spasms and make a "whooping" sound. A cool-mist humidifier and fluids can ease the symptoms. Don’t give cough or cold medicines to babies or children younger than 4 years.

Teething Pain

By the time she’s about 6 months old, tiny teeth will start to poke through her gums. That often makes babies cry a lot! Give her something to chew on. A rubber teething ring that’s BPA-free works well. You can also gently massage your baby’s gums with your finger, or give her something cool to chew on, like a wet, cold washcloth.Pain reliever such as Reprofen Suspension is OK.

To be continued in the next series.

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