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Final days to apply to EKA

Next schoolyear will start at our new building. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel

Applications for all three academic levels at the Estonian Academy of Arts can be submitted until midnight on 28 June via the Admissions Information System (SAIS) and on 27–28 June in the Estonian Academy of Arts Estonia pst 7 building from 10:00 to 16:00.

Prospective students can apply for up to two specialities at a time.

Entrance examinations and interviews will take place on 2–6 June (the exact times for exams and interviews are available on the admissions page for each speciality or with the electronic applications submitted within SAIS). 

All EKA specialities and curricula are listed on

All information, including the schedule, concerning admissions is available at

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EKA Young Applied Artist Award and Young Artist Award at bachelor’s level awarded to Claudia Lepik and Katrin Enni

Young Applied Artist Award: Claudia Lepik

According to the jury (Kadi Pajupuu, Maret Sarapu, Kristel Saan, Kristjan Mändmaa), the creative development in Claudia Lepik’s work is clearly visible throughout her studies leading up to works that are mature and have a distinct personality. Her portfolio makes up an impressive whole that interweaves personal, local and exotic themes with great sensitivity.

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Young Applied Artist Award: Katrin Enni

The jury, comprising of Tamara Luuk, Jaanus Samma, Kaarin Kivirähk and Liisi Eelmaa, decided to present the award to Katrin Enni, graduating student at the Department of Installation and Sculpture, for her “Artificial Spring” sound installation. The final project was lauded for its multifariousness and room for interpretations as well as its skilful and exciting technical execution. Katrin’s portfolio was integral and it gave an excellent overview of her previous works showing the boldness of her final project.

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Maks Roosma Award given to Rait Lõhmus

Rait Lõhmus and his installation at the Between Us exhibition at Tallinn Botanic Garden

Rait Lõhmus was selected for the award for his innovative solutions in glass design as well as his successful and active contribution to speciality projects.

The winner was chosen among the bachelor’s and master’s students of glass art by a jury that comprised of speciality teaching staff and representatives of the Estonian Glass Artists’ Union.


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214 students graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts this year

The EKA graduation ceremonies took place in the National Library for the last time. Photo by Marek Metslaid

The 104th graduating class graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts this year. We had a total of 214 graduating students. Among them, there were 131 bachelor’s students, 83 master’s students and 3 doctoral students. Congratulations!

Watch videos and pictures of the ceremonies:

12:00 ceremony (photos, video)
15:00 ceremony (photos, video)

Mare Saare and Lilja Blumenfeld awarded with the EKA Medal

Mare Saare. Professor at the EKA Department of Glass Art, and Lilja Blumenfeld, Professor at the Department of Scenography, were recognised for their long, outstanding contribution and dedication to the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Mare Saare was awarded the title of Professor Emeritus of the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Congratulations and thank you!


Twelve Paths, an exhibition by the EKA Department of Interior Architecture at RMK

Twelve Paths, an exhibition by the EKA Department of Interior Architecture is currently on view at the Estonian Forest Management Centre (RMK) headquarters in Tallinn (Toompuiestee 24). The exhibition is a chance for visitors to see what happened when the twelve students who started their studies in autumn 2017 were given the task to re-think a campsite at Nikerjärve, Aegviidu. What does the concept of social space entail in the forest? What are the needs? What are the expectations? What would surprise people? What could be meaningful? What would matter? A semester full of work and 12 visions. The exhibition at RMK HQ will run until the end of August.

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2nd part of Spheres, the youth exhibition of Tallinn Print Triennial

The second part of the Spheres youth exhibition of Tallinn Print Triennial is currently on view at the Corridor Club of Kultuurikatel. The exhibition uses the notion of sphere as a conceptual metaphor – spheres are hybrid and symbolic realities created by humans from whatever is ready to hand, spaces of coexistence that enable humans to exist as humans.

Participating artists: Valentin Alizer, Ann Pajuväli, Mark Antonius Puhkan, Irma Isabella Raabe, Kadi Reintamm, Elina Saat, Kristina Mirjam Villand and S3+A1 (Delija Thakur, Helga Aliis Saarlen, Elise Roos and Patrik Olejňák). The exhibition is curated by Eve Kask and Oliver Laas, Associate Professors at the EKA Department of Graphic Art. The exhibition design is by Delija Thakur and the graphic design is by Kerli Virk.

The exhibition will run until 16 July.

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Kristi Kuusk is presenting her “Magic Lining” project in Paris and Genoa

Kristi Kuusk’s smart textiles

Associate Professor at the EKA Department of Textile Design Kristi Kuusk presented her "Magic Lining" project at Centre Pompidou, Paris, within the framework of the Vertigo residency.

Her next presentation will take place on 29 June at the 5th International Conference on Movement and Computing (MOCO) in Genoa, where she will give a demo presentation titled “Magic lining: an exploration of smart textiles altering people’s self-perception”.

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Karin Paulus presented the Tööstuskunstist tootedisainini compilation

Karin Paulus at the book launch. Photo by Priit Mürk

Karin Paulus presented the Tööstuskunstist tootedisainini (From Industrial Art to Product Design) compilation at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design. The 334-page Estonian-language book was edited by Karin Paulus and it brings together articles written in 1934–2018 about product design and design in general. The book is part of the Estonian Academy of Arts Design Book series.

Editor: Karin Paulus
Copy editor: Neeme Lopp
Design and layout: Ivar Sakk
Series mockup: Indrek Sirkel and Koit Randmäe

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The EKA weekly will go on a summer break now. We will come back to share the exciting news, events and creative accomplishments of EKA members again in mid-August. See you!

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