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Children's Hospice Week
Parity for social care
Survive and Thrive
Pandemic Pantries
Lockdown loneliness
Latest - Opera Care
1. Children's Hospice Week

This is Children’s Hospice Week 2020 - one week in the year to celebrate and raise  vital funds for the 54 children’s hospices across the UK.

This year the families supported by children’s hospices have felt the effects of lockdown probably more than anyone. With  social isolation taking its toll, families have been left exhausted after months of providing 24/7 care for their child at home.

Children’s hospices offer  an absolute lifeline – finding new ways to connect and providing vital capacity to take the pressure off the NHS.

Together for Short Lives is the charity that supports children with life limiting conditions and their families.

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2. Parity for social care

Is this going to be a watershed moment for the social care sector?

So many petitions have been signed, calling on the government to give proper recognition to care workers, that there is going to be a parliamentary debate about it tomorrow afternoon (Thursday).

You will be able to follow it live on the Parliamentary TV channel

Before we get too carried away with optimism, however, just a week ago, the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee took the unusual step of writing to the Health Secretary Matt Hancock asking for a response to their July 2019 report, Social care funding: time to end a national scandal.

The report found that the social care sector was severely underfunded and riddled with unfairness. The lack of government reaction goes against parliamentary convention, as well as perhaps indicating the priority accorded to the subject previously.


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3. Survive and Thrive

With an estimated shortfall in funding of £1 million by the end of July, Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People (QEF) has done everything possible to try and find solutions to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on its services.

But they still need to raise £500,000 by September if they are to continue their vital work providing expert services to adults and children with disabilities or acquired brain injuries.

They have just launched their "Survive and Thrive" appeal.

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4. Pandemic Pantries

Even if you haven't come across the term before, you won't be surprised to learn that "pandemic pantries" are those stockpiles of previously little-considered items that have acquired huge importance in the fight against coronavirus.

Scientists have been unequivocal about the importance of hand sanitiser - but are all those little bottles full of effective ingredients?

And how about facemasks? They have gone from useless to compulsory in the course of the outbreak - what is the evidence?

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5. Lockdown loneliness

If you have been lucky, like me, the coronavirus lockdown has brought you closer to your neighbours, and helped cement ties of friendship and mutual support in your community.

Which makes it all the more shocking that a recent Red Cross survey shows a third of people haven't had a proper conversation in the last week, and more than a quarter fear that no one would notice if something bad happened to them...

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6. Latest - Opera Care

Independent Living site subscriber Opera Care has launched a new user-friendly website to make the process of finding and ordering a care bed more straightforward and enjoyable.

Finding a bed that meets the medical needs of the user and is also suitable for use in the home can be quite stressful, particularly when time is of the essence due to a hospital discharge or change in circumstances.

Their beds come in a variety of styles and can be personalised in various widths, wood colours, upholstery options and headboards – all available for next day delivery and installation.

Visit the new website


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